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Tower Crane 1 (TC1) – the Norwich Research Park’s largest weather vane

craneThe ‘J300N’ is the first of two saddle-jib cranes supplied by Falcon Tower Crane Services based in Shipdham near Dereham. TC1 is 45m high, has a 50m jib and can lift up to 6000kg.

The crane is not operated in high wind. When not in use, the jib arm is allowed to swing with the wind, this prevents shear forces damaging the crane. The crane acts as a weather vane – pointing downwind.

Tower Crane 2 (TC2) is 37m high and has a 60m jib. The jib arms of TC1 & 2 will overlap by 30m, so cranes are fitted with an anti-collision system.

Both cranes are outside the 150m clearance required for air ambulance access to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

Considerate Constructors Scheme

ccscheme-ratingConsiderate constructors seek to improve the image of the construction industry by striving to promote and achieve best practice under a ‘Code of Considerate Practice’. The Code has 5 parts that are each scored out of 10.

Wates have achieved 40/50, rating the Quadram Institute site ‘Excellent’ and awarding 4½ stars out of 5.

  1. 1.Care about Appearance
  2. 2.Respect the Community
  3. 3.Protect the Environment
  4. 4.Secure Everyone’s Safety
  5. 5.Value their Workforce

Upcoming Activities

  • Piling caps and prep for foundations
  • Installation of second tower crane
  • Installation of site accommodation (cont’d)

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