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Vision: to understand how food and microbes interact to promote health and prevent disease....



Our mission: to deliver healthier lives through innovation in gut health, microbiology and food....


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Our research targets some of the major challenges that face society, where our bioscience...


As Director I am delighted to welcome you to the Quadram Institute.

Prof. Ian Charles

Prof. Ian Charles, Director of Quadram Institute

The Institute’s mission is to deliver healthier lives through innovation in gut health, microbiology and food. We are achieving this by bringing together food and gastroenterology researchers and clinicians, under one roof, in a unique environment where collaboration, innovation and synergy across disciplines are promoted to address global challenges in human health, food and disease.

As a population, we are living longer. Here at the Quadram Institute we undertake to provide the best clinical care and the most innovative research to ensure longevity is complemented with good health.

Quadram Institute scientists are developing new foods and improving our understanding of how we can tailor nutritional intake to maximise our own person health.  We are also developing new ways of diagnosing and treating infections when they happen, as well as performing cutting-edge research that is revealing how maintaining a healthy microbiota (the bacterial population that lives in your gut) is critical to reducing the chances of developing conditions such as cancer and dementia.

By browsing through our website, find out more about the biological and clinical research of Quadram Institute Bioscience as well as discovering why the Quadram Institute Endoscopy Centre is providing an outstanding clinical environment for the patients and their families.

What is the gut microbiome? A masterclass in microbes

Living inside of you are trillions of microbes – and they’re vital for your health. The gut microbiome has limitless potential to prevent and treat disease, and Quadram Institute experts are delving into an ecosystem as dense as the Amazon rainforest to better human health.

But, what exactly is the gut microbiome?

Take a masterclass in microbes as we uncover this amazing microscopic world.

The CoPS Study is looking to recruit participants who have tested positive for COVID-19 to help understand more about the virus.

We are looking to enrol men and women over 18 that live within a 40-mile radius of Norwich and have been tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 2 weeks. 

To find out more, see the  CoPS Study webpage

Introducing Guardians of the Gut – an exciting new schools teaching resource for children to learn about the importance of their gut microbes.

Our fun activities explain the different organs within the human body, introduce key microbes and the beneficial jobs they do and explore how invading bad bacteria and antibiotics can upset the balance.  Take the pre and post lesson quizzes to see your children grow in knowledge, download award certificates for your class and enter your school in a prize draw to win science goodies.

Enrol your school for free at guardiansofthegut.org/

Discover how our food and health research is contributing to solving these major issues

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