Our mission: to deliver healthier lives through innovation in gut health, microbiology and food.

The Quadram Institute is creating new interfaces between food science, gut biology, human health and disease, capitalising on the world-class bioscience cluster based at the Norwich Research Park. Scientists and clinicians work closely with major national and international funding bodies and charities, collaborators and investors to ensure translation of our fundamental science to benefit patients, consumers and wider society.

Our vision: to understand how food and microbes interact to promote health & prevent disease.

We use this knowledge to develop evidence-based strategies to maximise positive impacts of food on health, from early life to the extension of a healthy lifespan in old age, and reduce the economic and societal costs of chronic diseases.

The Quadram Institute – an interdisciplinary institute maximising the unique cluster of academic excellence and clinical expertise at the Norwich Research Park, working alongside the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Our values: Excellence, Collaboration, Respect, Innovation.

Our approach to delivering our scientific mission is to bring together the very best people from a diverse range of backgrounds, to work together to deliver benefits to society, in line with our shared values.

Governance of Quadram Institute Bioscience

Quadram Institute Bioscience (QIB) is a company limited by guarantee, with charitable status (registration number 1058499) and a Board of Trustees that oversee the Institute’s activities. Responsibility for day-to-day matters is delegated to the Institute Director and the Executive Board within an agreed and clearly understood framework of strategic control.
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QIB Scientific Integrity Statement

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