We are committed to training the scientists of the future and providing outstanding development opportunities for all. This reflects both our desire for ongoing excellence in science, together with our wish to enable people to develop transferable skills for their chosen career path, either within a research environment, or other professions.

Whatever your role in science, scientific support, or professional support, we aim to provide ongoing opportunities for you to develop new skills, refresh skills relevant to your role, and continue your professional and personal development.

For more information about the roles and guidance on the career progression options available please see our career pathways document [PDF]. This sets out the career progression options and professional development opportunities for various roles through the Quadram Institute.


A wide range of training events are held throughout the year to support you during your career in QIB. These include scientific and technical training such as grant writing and presentation workshops, together with personal development and leadership events.

There is a comprehensive training and development programme that is available throughout QIB supporting diverse roles and functions.  These range from post-graduate and post-doctoral training programmes through to specialist scientific and professional support and leadership roles.

There is also a coaching and mentoring scheme which supports a number of formal and informal channels through which both new and current staff can call on the experience, knowledge and support of other staff, outside of their normal line management. The focus is personal and career development – setting goals, creating outcomes, overcoming challenges and managing personal change in different work contexts.