Quadram Institute goes to the Annual Conference of Microbiology Society 2023

14th April 2023

Quadram Institute microbiologists share their latest findings through poster presentations

The Microbiology Society Annual Conference brings together scientists who work in microbiology and provides an overview of current microbiological research and discoveries.

A group of our researchers are attending the conference in 2023 to share their latest research findings into understanding how food and microbes affect our health.

At the Quadram Institute we make breakthroughs in microbiology, food science, and human health to transform our understanding of the interactions between food, gut microbes, and their host.

Here our researchers attending the Microbiology Society Annual Conference share their latest research findings via poster presentations.

Dr Muhammad Yasir

A man standing in front of an academic poster

Dr Muhammad Yasir is interested in the study of the molecular mechanisms of microorganisms and talks about his genome wide analysis of heat survival mechanisms of Escherichia coli.

Dr Emma HoldenA woman with blond hair standing next to a poster


Dr Emma Holden works with with Dr Matt Gilmour and Professor Mark Webber investigating the mechanism of action of novel antimicrobials and bacterial survival strategies against these antimicrobials. At the Microbiology Society Annual Conference Emma talks about her research into how the antimicrobial Tazobactam selects for multidrug resistance.

Dr Heather Felgate

An image of a poster

Dr Heather Felgate currently researches Staphylococcus AMR and TraDIS as well as carrying out evolutionary experiments into Salmonella and stresses involved in the food chain. Her poster at the Microbiology Society Annual Conference explores the diversity of Staphylococcus haemolyticus.

Maria Solsona Gaya

A young woman standing next to a poster.

Maria is a PhD student in Professor Mark Webber’s group. At the Microbiology Society Annual Conference 2023, Maria talks about her project investigating conditional evolution of biocide tolerance in two nosocomial gram-positive pathogens.

Dr Bilal DjeghoutA man standing next to a poster


A microbiologist with an interest in both biology and molecular biology of zoonotic pathogens within different ecological spheres, Dr Bilal Djeghout talks about his research into the genomic diversity of Camplyobacter jejuni strains within stool samples of gastroenteritis patients.

Gabriel Astorga

A young man standing next to an academic posterGabriel Astorga is a PhD student studying in Professor Alison Mather’s group. At the Microbiology Society Annual Conference Gabriel talks about his research exploring the E.coli population structure on retail foods in Norfolk.

Iliana Rosa Serghiou

An image of a poster

Iliana Rosa Serghiou is a Researcher whose posters at the Microbiology Society Annual Conference 2023 is on her research into shotgun metagenomics for the skin microbiome.

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