Get involved in a new study at the Dementia Research and Care Centre at UEA

31st October 2018

The demenTia Research And Care Clinic (TRACC) at the University of East Anglia is conducting a new study.

  • Who is this study for?
    • People without dementia aged between 50 – 75
  • What is this study about?
    We want to understand the changes that take place in thinking,
    behaviour, the brain and the body over time.
  • How will we do this?
    • Cognitive tests (e.g. memory, attention, language)
    • Questionnaires
    • Gut microbiota analysis
    • Blood, genetic and nutrition analysis
  • Where is the research happening?
    The study is recruiting throughout Norfolk and Suffolk
  • When is it happening?
  • How can I get involved?

UEA Dementia study

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