We work with and actively seek out industry partnerships and networks so we can develop innovations, bring them to market and support the bioeconomy.

We host the UK Food Safety Research Network, which connects food industry, food and health policymakers and academia to pursue shared research priorities to protect the UK from foodborne hazards.

With the John Innes Centre, we host the Biofortification Hub that supports collaborations between industry and academia in the area of biofortification.


We are active members of networks where we engage with potential partners:

  • EIT Food – A European network connecting stakeholders across the food system
  • The Bioindustry Association – A voice for the innovative life sciences and biotech industry in the UK
  • One Nucleus – A not-for-profit Life Sciences & Healthcare membership organisation based in Cambridge
  • Pharmabiotic Research Institute – An organisation that supports the development and registration of therapeutic and diagnostic products emerging from microbiome science
  • National Biofilms Innovation Centre – An Innovation Knowledge Centre catalysing collaboration with industry in the study of biofilms to achieve breakthrough innovation
  • PraxisAuril – A professional associated for Knowledge Exchange practitioners


We look to commercialise our research through spinouts, including:

Previous Industry Partners

We have worked successfully with a wide range of industry partners including:

We are based at the heart of the Norwich Research Park, a world-leading and diverse community of research institutes and businesses, a major research-focused teaching hospital and a university in the UK top 20 for research quality.

Close working with these partners provides access to shared facilities and expertise in a pipeline of research from soil through to human health, as well as an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship.