Dr Pedro Bouchon

23 January 2017
15.00 pm

IFR Lecture Theatre

Speaker: Dr Pedro Bouchon

Microstructural approach for healthy food matrix design


Host: Pete Wilde

Speaker Background:

Pedro heads the food structure design laboratory. His research is oriented to get a better understanding on the relationship between food (micro) structural changes during processing, and associated transport phenomena and changes in key food attributes, including digestibility.

He leads a major national Anillo project, entitled Healthy Food Matrix Design, which is a partnership between 4 national universities and has the support of 6 international institutions. It aims to optimize the inclusion of nutrition advantageous compounds from agro-industrial wastes into food. He has been a visiting scientist and consultant for Nestle in both Switzerland and India. He is a strategic consultant for national strategic program for healthy food development and a member of consultant committee, Copec-UC foundation.