FOLIUM Science and Quadram Institute join forces in the fight against antimicrobial resistance

5th November 2019

In collaboration with FOLIUM Science, Professor Rob Kingsley’s group have used their expertise in bioinformatics to evaluate and optimise targeting of Guided Biotics™ to Salmonella.

FOLIUM Science has developed unique technology, called Guided Biotics™, that can selectively remove undesirable and pathogenic bacteria from the food chain. Working together in an Innovate UK-funded project, FOLIUM Science and Professor Rob Kingsley from the Quadram Institute are optimising the Guided Biotics™ product to reduce pathogen contamination in livestock rearing, starting with Salmonella, thereby decreasing the need for antibiotics.

Read more about this case study here:


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Microscopy image of Salmonella with a genomic map overlaid

Rob Kingsley