Are you a vegan or vegetarian woman of childbearing age, over18 years old, live within 40 miles of Norwich and in good health?

We are conducting a 17-week study to investigate the use of hydroponically-grown, biofortified salad greens, and use of a dietary app, on iron and vitamin B12 status in vegan or vegetarian women of child-bearing age.

The study will involve:

  • Collecting blood at visits to the NIHR Norfolk Clinical Research Facility in the Quadram Institute
  • Consuming plants grown at home with a hydroponic unit that we will provide for free
  • Consuming vegan dietary recipes that we will provide
  • Answering questionnaires related to your food intake and health at the visits

If you are interested in taking part and/or finding out more about the study, complete the form below:

For more information:

Contact Dr Olla Al-Jaibaji or Dr Jennifer Ahn-Jarvis

Tel: 07835 969508