Heroes of Food Research celebrated in Norwich

2nd February 2015

The Institute of Food Research is holding an exhibition celebrating its Heroes of Food Research – you!

The event at the Forum on Tuesday 10th February is highlighting the crucial role that volunteers play in food research.

The very best evidence for the beneficial effects of certain foods or diets can only be obtained through working with volunteers. We provide volunteers with foods to include in their diet over a period of weeks or months, and then measure what effects this might have had. These studies are carried out by specially trained staff using purpose built facilities on the Norwich Research Park.

The event will showcase some of the current studies at IFR that rely on volunteers. How might broccoli be able to keep us healthy? Can orange juice combat your heart disease? Can an apple a day really keep the doctor away?

There will be the chance to meet the scientists answering these questions, and more, and to find out about the internationally-renowned work of the Institute of Food Research. You can sample some of the study foods, and find out what it takes to be a volunteer. You could even sign up for current or future trials, and become one of our Heroes of Food Research.

The free ‘Heroes of Food Research’ exhibition will be in the Forum on Tuesday February 10th from 9am until 5pm. In the evening, IFR’s scientists will give free talks on why we need volunteers, the volunteer experience, and the latest research involving volunteers consuming Beneforté broccoli. The talks are free, but due to limited space places need to be reserved by calling 01603 450874