IFR Gangnam Style

19th December 2012

This video was produced by the staff and students  for Christmas 2012, who wanted to get across their passion and enjoyment for working at IFR and in food research.

They wanted to produce something humorous that appealed to young people and showed that as well as doing research scientists work together as a community, and also know how to have fun.

At IFR’s recent Open Day, a number of young people approached us wanting to know how they could become food scientists, having never thought of this as a career before they got to see inside the labs and meet the scientists in person.

Getting the next generation interested in food science and to consider it as a rewarding career is key to ensuring the brightest minds will be looking at new innovations in food to face the challenges the 21st Century will present us.

Inspiring the next generation and training future food scientists is an integral part of IFR’s culture of encouraging learning and exchanging knowledge.