IFR research featured in ‘The Big Picture’

29th July 2011

The latest issue of ‘Big Picture’, the Wellcome Trust’s free educational resource for teachers and learners, is all about the biological, social and psychological aspects of what we eat.

Included in the package is a short film ‘Modelling the Stomach’ that descibes research undertaken at IFR to understand the way that food is processed, physically and chemically, in the stomach.


All living things need energy, and humans are no exception. ‘Big Picture: Food and Diet’ looks at the latest biological and medical research findings to investigate different aspects of diet and nutrition. With articles covering everything from appetite and obesity, to allergies and eating behaviour, the magazine is a fact-packed resource on all things food-y. They have studied the evidence behind some common beliefs around food and diet, such as the pros and cons of caffeine, the truth about super-foods and the lowdown on ‘friendly bacteria’.

“We were delighted that IFR was able to help the Wellcome Trust in producing this useful educational resource,” said Dr Dee Rawsthorne, Outreach Coordinator at IFR.

“This is an example of where our science has resulted in a commercial development with Plant Bioscience Limited and the staff have been very active in communicating the science to the schools and the public.”

Available in print and online, the magazine comes with a range of additional online educational resources, including four specially commissioned short films that are ideal for lessons. Explore a state-of-the-art model stomach and find out how it’s used to investigate human digestion, learn about the art and science of bread-making, and watch a chef recreate a 17th-century cake recipe from the Wellcome Library archives.