Bacterial diversity and tropical infections

Prof. John Wain

Prof. John Wain

Research Leader

Bacterial diversity and tropical infections


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My group is based at the Quadram Institute within the Medical Microbiology Research Laboratories (MMRL). We are a highly collaborative group of scientists  with a shared passion for translational science.

The MMRL includes several research leaders: Justin O’Grady, microbial metagenomics from clinical environmental and food samples; Ben Evans, AMR; Gemma Langridge, bacterial adaptation to niche and myself, bacterial diversity and tropical infections.

The aim of our research is to improve the clinical and public health management of infection through an improved understanding of microbial detection.

My own research group is currently working the metabolic diversity of Campylobacter (Dipali Singh and Noemi Tejera-Hernandez), the natural history of Salmonella (Jennifer Mattock), developing new transposon technology (Claire Hill) and diagnostics for urinary tract infection (Ronald Turner).

In collaboration with Oxford-Brookes University (Mark Poolman) we are building a computational biology capability (Teresa Diaz-Calvo) with a particular interest in biofilms.

Our Targets

Targeting food safety

Food Safety

Targeting antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial Resistance


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