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Bacteria digital illustration

9th February 2024

Scientists at the Quadram Institute help secure multi-million-pound grants to create groundbreaking new technologies

The first of these Engineering Biology Mission Hub grants has been awarded to a group aiming to use biology to recover and recycle rare earth minerals, led by principal investigator Professor Martin Warren of the Quadram Institute and University of Kent. The consortium includes...

A circular plate of reddish-brown agar jelly streaked over thwo thirds of the surface with Yersinia enterocolitica bacteria

22nd January 2024

Genomics reveals potential underappreciated threat to food safety

Yersinia enterocolitica bacteria may be an underappreciated potential pathogen in the food chain

Front entrance of the Quadram Institute

19th December 2023

Quadram Institute and Invest in ME Research announce new Research Fellowship for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

This is part of a groundbreaking initiative funded by the charity and this particular fellowship covers a two-year period, undertaking vital fundamental research into ME/CFS that will underpin the development of new treatments for this devastating disease. It is made possible through an exceptionally...


14th December 2023

The Invest in ME Research “Ian Gibson” Fellowship

In 2022, the Quadram Institute and UK charity Invest in ME Research announced its commitment to funding the first Postdoctoral Fellowship for research into myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME or ME/CFS). This new position was created to continue and extend research into ME/CFS and builds on...


5th December 2023

Carving out a niche on food: new project targets food spoilage biofilms

Dr Laura Nolan from the Quadram Institute is to lead a new project to help combat food spoilage, after receiving a Future Leader Fellowship from UK Research & Innovation. Dr Nolan will lead research into Pseudomonas bacteria, which are the commonest cause of spoilage...

A digital illustration of DNA with blobs that resemble microbes

24th November 2023

New tools for antimicrobial resistance surveillance

A new project will tackle antimicrobial resistance by harnessing the latest genomic sequencing techniques to develop a “one stop shop” surveillance tool

A researcher swabbing a petri dish that is black with red and yellow colonies

9th November 2023

How genomics is countering antimicrobial resistant typhoid in Zimbabwe

A genomic survey of typhoid fever in Zimbabwe has shown how the bacteria behind recent outbreaks evolved extra levels of antimicrobial resistance. Researchers from the National Microbiology Reference Laboratory, Quadram Institute and University of East Anglia were part of the locally-led effort to trace...


19th October 2023

Quadram Institute backs call for a research roadmap for ME/CFS in the UK

The Department of Health and Social Care’s interim plan identifies key problems surrounding low capacity and capability to respond to research needs, low awareness of need of research in ME/CFS, and low levels of funded research. Six rapid actions are proposed as part of...

An illustration of silhouettes of family members holding hands and gut microbes

18th October 2023

Keeping it in the family

Scientists on the Norwich Research Park are looking to recruit family members, and their microbiomes, to a study into how we share microbes between us. The PEARL-AGE Study at the Quadram Institute and Earlham Institute is looking for families with as many members as...

Three circular Petri dishes arranged in a triangle growing streaks of Staphylococcus capitis

4th October 2023

Tracking bacteria behind life-threatening sepsis in premature babies

A new study from the Quadram Institute and University of East Anglia into sepsis in neonatal babies has uncovered the secrets of the bacteria’s success in causing this life-threatening condition.


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