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12th June 2017

New approach to unlock the genetic potential of the plant cell wall

Researchers from the Quadram Institute and the University of York have developed a novel approach that will help unlock the genetic secrets of plant cell walls, which form the basis of many biological products. Plant cell walls are made up of sugars, which can...


2nd June 2017

Industrial CASE PhD studentships available

APPLICATIONS FOR THE ICASE STUDENTSHIPS ARE NOW CLOSED, EXCEPT FOR: How can the structure and physical chemistry of dietary fibre help make healthier foods We have a number of  Industrial CASE PhD studentships available through the Norwich Research Park Bioscience Doctoral Training Partnership. Industrial...


31st May 2017

QI at Invest in ME Research Conference

Researchers from the Quadram Institute are attending the Invest in Me Research International Conference on Friday 2nd June. The conference is highlighting biomedical research and future directions into understanding the causes of  Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). It is the 12th conference, organised by the independent...


25th May 2017

Clinical Trials Day 2017

Ahead of International Clinical Trials Day on May 20th, scientists from the Quadram Institute joined colleagues from the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital in showcasing their research that involves clinical trials. Members of the public, as well as staff based in the hospital, were...

Glial cells (pink) at the bottom of a crypt in the gut lining. Image by Aimee Parker

18th May 2017

Insights into the development of our second brain

A computational modeller at the Quadram Institute has helped unravel how the organization of the enteric nervous system develops. The study, led by the Francis Crick Institute, provides the first overview of how this essential part of the nervous system emerges in the embryo....


27th April 2017

Institute Of Food Research transitions into Quadram Institute Bioscience

The new £multi-million food and health research centre that will become the state-of-the-art home for the Quadram Institute is on schedule to be complete by mid-2018. As a first step to realising the ambition of the Quadram Institute, the Institute of Food Research(IFR) has...

Tharsini Sivapalan

9th March 2017

Scientist takes her research to Parliament

Tharsini Sivapalan, 26, a PhD student at the Quadram Institute hailing from Hayes, London, is attending Parliament to present her bioscience research to a range of politicians and a panel of expert judges, as part of STEM for BRITAIN on Monday 13 March. Tharsini’s...


2nd March 2017

Quadram Institute reaches major construction landmark

The construction of the Quadram Institute, Norwich Research Park’s state-of-the-art new centre for food and health research, reached a significant stage in March with the final cement pouring. George Freeman MP, chair of the Prime Minister’s Policy Board and former UK Minister for Life Sciences,...

Simon Carding

7th February 2017

ME/CFS talks held in Norwich

An event held in Norwich in January 2017 gave the public a chance to hear about some of the biomedical research being undertaken on the debilitating condition ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). The event was hosted in conjunction with Invest in ME Research, a charity promoting biomedical...

Hall Group

25th January 2017

New evidence of how gut microbes affect Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Scientists have uncovered a new mechanism linking bacteria in the gut to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). They have found that certain bacteria release molecules that interact with the lining of the gut to influence a process known as epithelial cell shedding. This shedding process...


Showing 10 of 283 news