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26th September 2018

The Quadram Institute to exhibit at Future Food-Tech 2018

The Future Food-Tech Summit is coming to London in October, and the Quadram Institute will be there to talk with entrepreneurs and innovators from across the food industry about our exciting new vision for food innovation. The Quadram Institute is working at a new...


20th September 2018

Quadram Institute welcomes first research volunteers

A state-of-the-art building is set to welcome its first research volunteers after the Clinical Research Facility (CRF) moved into the Quadram Institute. Some clinical trials moved in on 18th September, which marks the start of a phased move into the multi-million pound building. The...


11th September 2018

Quadram Institute’s global networking tour

Members of the Quadram Institute Bioscience team are leaving their Norwich base this autumn to strengthen existing network links, whilst at the same time establishing exciting new partnerships.   Dr Christian Roghi, Head of Business Development has got his suitcase packed, grabbed a handful of business cards and he’s heading...


27th July 2018

Spotlight on FMT

It may seem like a very unconventional treatment, but Intestinal Microbiota Transfer (IMT), also known as Faecal Microbiota Transplants (FMT), have proven to be a highly effective way of helping people suffering from recurrent infections of Clostridium difficile. IMT involves taking a sample of...

Norwich Research Park logo

20th July 2018

Norwich Research Park launches its new vision

Norwich Research Park has today unveiled its ambitious new vision looking ahead to 2030 and beyond. The Park is home to a wealth of world class research, its 3,000 scientists and clinicians work in some of the areas of greatest importance to society...


9th July 2018

Guidelines for setting shelf life of chilled foods in relation to non-proteolytic Clostridium botulinum

UK food industry and UK and Australian research organisations have produced this guidance, which is designed to ensure that sufficient information is provided by Food Business Operators (FBOs) and laboratories to arrive at valid decisions regarding the shelf life of chilled foods in relation...


25th June 2018

Meet the Guardians of the Gut

Who are the scaled-down superheroes battling baddies in our gut, and keeping us in tip-top health? Find out as the Hall Lab at the Quadram Institute introduce you to the Guardians of the Gut at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2018. Our bodies...


19th June 2018

Quadram Institute’s new science strategy offers innovation in food and health research

The Quadram Institute (QI) has launched its £40M new science strategy, positioning it at the forefront of research-based organisations delivering innovative solutions to global challenges in food-related disease and human health. Through its new science strategy, the QI is assembling the scientific expertise needed...


22nd May 2018

QI scientist authors new book on the last days of Smallpox

Mark Pallen, a Research Leader at the Quadram Institute, has published a gripping account of the last outbreak of smallpox, which occurred forty years ago in the unlikely setting of suburban England. In his new book The Last Days of Smallpox: Tragedy in Birmingham,...


16th May 2018

Coffee adulteration uncovered using new method

Researchers from the Quadram Institute have developed a new technique to distinguish between superior Arabica coffee and cheaper, lower quality Robusta. Using the new technique, a survey of ground roast coffee samples labelled as 100% Arabica found that 10% of these coffees contained significant...


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