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An orange petri dish with the lid open, being held by two hands

21st November 2022

‘Playbook’ sets out ways to fight back against antimicrobial resistance

Published today in Nature Reviews Microbiology during World Antimicrobial Awareness Week, academics from the University of Birmingham and the Quadram Institute have drawn together the latest research to detail ways in which some of today’s bacteria are evading the world’s existing antibiotic defences. The...

A microscopy image of virus particles that are shown emerging from the surface of a cell cultured in the lab.

11th November 2022

The arms race at the heart of diseases: new review summarises what we know about how our cells combat microbial invasion

A new review by Professor Tom Wileman from the Quadram Institute and University of East Anglia has pulled together what’s known about one critical aspect of this defence response – how cells target invading viruses, bacteria, and other microbes for destruction. These processes are...


28th October 2022

Prof Nathalie Juge appointed Quadram’s Deputy Chief Scientific Officer

Professor Nathalie Juge has been appointed Deputy Chief Scientific Officer (DCSO) at the Quadram Institute. The Deputy CSO role supports the Chief Scientific Officer and both roles are pivotal to the development of the Institute’s scientific strategy and the scientific leadership of Quadram Institute...


18th October 2022

Norfolk prostate cancer study finds place for broccoli in reducing progression

Researchers have shown that a compound derived from broccoli linked to reducing the risk and progression of prostate cancer accumulates in prostate tissue, providing evidence for how the protection may work. Scientists and clinicians from the Quadram Institute and Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital...

CIPR PRide 2022 Gold award

11th October 2022

Quadram communications team wins top public relations awards

The Quadram Institute communications team has won two prestigious Chartered Institute of Public Relations awards. The team at the Quadram Institute on the Norwich Research Park won Gold for Best Use of Digital and Social Media and Silver for Best Low Budget Campaign in...

A medical illustration of drug–resistant, nontyphoidal, Salmonella sp. bacteria. Original image sourced from US Government department: Public Health Image Library, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

22nd September 2022

Emergence of antimicrobial resistance in bacteria tracked in real time

Cutting-edge technology has allowed scientists to watch bacteria developing antimicrobial resistance in real-time, according to new research published in Microbial Genomics. Single-cell genomics and analysis, being pioneered at the Earlham Institute in Norwich, could help to chronicle the appearance of genetic mutations that allow...

A dark blue image with lighter blue microbe-like spherical forms.

20th September 2022

Naming unnamed species of bacteria in the age of big data

In a recently published paper, researchers in the UK and Austria have named over 65.000 different kinds of microbes. The study, led by Professor Mark Pallen at the Quadram Institute in Norwich, draws on a long tradition of creating well-formed but arbitrary Latin names...


11th August 2022

£1.8m study into IBS food supplements launches

A new study is launching that will investigate how new cellulose-based food supplements could help people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

microscopy image showing bacteriophages on bacterial cells

27th July 2022

The Phage of Enlightenment: new study to uncover role of bacteriophages in the microbiome

Bacteriophages in the microbiome are the focus of a new project at the Quadram Institute that will uncover how they interact with the gut to influence health.


26th July 2022

Quadram communications team shortlisted for top public relations awards

The Quadram Institute communications team has been shortlisted for two prestigious Chartered Institute of Public Relations awards.


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