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29th July 2021

Quadram Institute communications team shortlisted for top awards

The Quadram Institute communications team has been shortlisted for three prestigious Chartered Institute of Public Relations awards. The team at the Quadram Institute on the Norwich Research Park has been shortlisted for the awards in the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Pride Awards 2021....


8th July 2021

Norwich gets new research training programme focused on major health challenges

The UK’s Medical Research Council (MRC) is investing in a new programme in Norwich to train researchers of the future to address major societal health challenges such as infection, antimicrobial resistance and studying the microbiome. The new Microbes Microbiomes and Bioinformatics Doctoral Training Partnership,...


5th July 2021

Slower energy release points the way to healthier foods

A project developing healthier foods based on the slower release of energy is set to expand its range of products. Using the latest scientific knowledge of how different types of starch are digested, the project hopes to introduce consumer-focused starchy products that can contribute...


27th June 2021

Microbiome research best practice website launched

The website contains freely accessible protocols developed and optimised for microbiome studies, and these will be updated to keep pace with the rapidly evolving field of microbiome research. The human microbiome and in particular the gut microbiome, is at the leading edge of...

Ruminococcus gnavus (green) in the mucus layer (red) of the gut lining (gut cell nuclei are blue). Image by Laura Vaux, Juge Group, the Quadram Institute

24th June 2021

A cooperative community: defining how the microbiome shares vitamin B12 for mutual benefit

Researchers from the Quadram Institute are launching a new project to uncover how bacteria in the gut microbiome make and use vitamin B12


21st June 2021

New project to combat antimicrobial resistance in the skin microbiome

Dr Mark Webber from the Quadram Institute is to lead a new project on the risk to humans and animals of antiseptic tolerance in the skin microbiome. This will help combat the rise of antimicrobial resistance and help protect the most vulnerable from dangerous...


14th June 2021

Persistence pays off in the human gut microbiome

The human gut microbiome is a complex community of trillions of microbes that are constantly interacting with each other and our bodies. It supports our wellbeing, immune system and mental health – but how is it sustained? Researchers in the UK and Germany, alongside...

Breast Cancer cells under a microscope

17th May 2021

New microbiome and breast cancer study in Norwich

The research team from the Quadram Institute, University of East Anglia and the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital are recruiting participants who have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer to donate their tissue for research. The study has been reviewed and given favourable opinion...


14th May 2021

Quadram researchers join study into whether the microbiome predicts response to immunotherapy

Quadram Institute researchers have joined a collaboration to investigate whether the microbiome can be used to predict how breast cancer patients will respond to immunotherapy. It’s hoped that this will help tailor future treatments, personalised for each patient. Prof. Lindsay Hall and Dr Stephen...

NRP Biorepository Photography by Jason Bye t: 07966 173 930 e: w:

11th May 2021

New website launched for Norwich’s health research biobank

A biobank for health research based on the Norwich Research Park has launched a new website designed to help the public learn more about donating tissue samples to help advance medical research. The Norwich Research Park (NRP) Biorepository is a partnership between the Norfolk...


Showing 10 of 224 news