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1st May 2020

Sweet enzymes from gut bacteria: from discovery to diagnostics

As well as providing information about how a healthy microbiome is established and maintained, the new enzyme might be useful in diagnosing diabetes and certain cancers. The gut microbiome plays an important role in human health and understanding how changes in the population of...


28th April 2020

Norwich Research Park Biorepository goes live with new laboratory management system

A biobank for health research based on the Norwich Research Park has successfully gone live with a new laboratory management system and is now supporting Norfolk’s COVID-19 research efforts. The Norwich Research Park Biorepository is a partnership between Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH),...


23rd April 2020

Funding boost for cloud-computing supporting microbial bioinformatics

Quadram Institute Bioscience announces the launch of CLIMB-BIG-DATA, an ambitious five-year collaborative cross-institutional programme to deliver a robust and user-friendly cloud-computing infrastructure for microbial bioinformatics. The aim is to provide microbiologists across the UK with the computational infrastructure and bioinformatics tools to analyse DNA...


20th April 2020

New evidence for how microbiome crosstalk with the immune system contributes to liver disease

As well as absorbing food, the gut must also keep out anything that might harm us. Even beneficial microbes that make up the microbiome can be harmful if they get into the bloodstream. This is why a breakdown in the integrity of the gut...


17th April 2020

Failure is an option when it comes to innovation

Blog by Dr Matt Bawn, Quadram Institute Postdoctoral Society, Innovation group Innovation: a new idea, creative thoughts, new imaginations in form of device or method. This is a dictionary definition, the same dictionary defines science as: knowledge or a system of knowledge covering general...


9th April 2020

Norwich Research Park scientists join hospital in the fight against COVID-19

Norfolk and Waveney is to receive a major boost to its capacity for COVID-19 testing of frontline NHS workers thanks to the help of scientists at Norwich Research Park. Volunteers from all research organisations on the Park are working together with staff at the...


8th April 2020

Adulterated argan oil uncovered through new analytical method.

In recent years, argan oil, also known as Moroccan liquid gold, has become sought after as an ingredient in cosmetics and health products, significantly increasing its value. Using a benchtop NMR machine developed by Oxford Instruments, the method can screen for quality and authenticity,...


7th April 2020

New evidence for the protective role of the microbiome in early life

Researchers at the Quadram Institute and the University of East Anglia found that in very young mice, the cells lining the gut receive protection from inflammatory damage by their gut microbes and metabolites these produce. This protection appears to be lost with age as...


6th April 2020

Coronavirus targeted by Eastern Arc collaboration

Eastern Arc researchers at the University of East Anglia based in the Quadram Institute and the School of Biosciences at the University of Kent are working to help generate a vaccine against coronavirus and providing support to a key company developing urgently required antigen...


23rd March 2020

Quadram Institute joins UK launch of whole genome sequence to map spread of Coronavirus

Government and scientific community back new genome sequencing consortium to map spread of COVID-19 £20M investment will allow scientists and clinicians to unlock secrets of the disease The genetic code could arm public health agencies and clinicians with a unique, cutting-edge tool to combat...


Showing 10 of 429 news