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14th October 2020

PhD Studentships at the Quadram Institute

Fully-funded four-year PhD studentships in the Quadram Institute are now available, through the Norwich Research Park Doctoral Training Programme. Our PhD studentships cover microbiology, bioinformatics, evolution, biochemistry, immunology, molecular and cell biology and public health & epidemiology Reflecting our interdisciplinary approach, you will enhance...


2nd October 2020

Could a poo transplant one day be the secret of eternal youth?

A new study published today shows how faecal transplants from older to younger mice altered their gut microbiome, which in turn impacted their spatial learning and memory. The research team hope that reversing the procedure could one day see faecal transplantation used to combat...

Justin O'grady examining sequencing data

1st October 2020

Large scale COVID-19 genome sequencing in Norfolk helps manage outbreaks

An in-depth analysis of the genome sequence of coronavirus circulating in Norfolk, UK by researchers at the Quadram Institute and University of East Anglia has mapped the spread of the virus, identified hidden outbreaks and provided insights into the effectiveness of interventions to stop...


21st September 2020

Professor Chris Quince joins Norwich research institutes

Norwich research institutes are delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Chris Quince as their newest Group Leader. Currently based at Warwick Medical School, Professor Quince will establish a group focusing on high-resolution microbiomics at the Earlham Institute, in a joint role with Quadram...


16th September 2020

New online course launched to demystify the microbiome

‘The Human Microbiome’ course runs over three weeks, starting on 30th November 2020. It will introduce the human microbiome and explain how this population of microbes that live in our body affects our health. During the course you’ll learn how the composition of the...

Human milk oligosaccharide structure over bifidobacterium

14th September 2020

Human milk oligosaccharides: sweet treats not just for kids

Using highly advanced “gut-on-chip” technology, they showed that the fermentation products of HMOs made the gut lining less “leaky.” A leaky intestinal barrier has been linked to gut conditions such as coeliac disease, Crohn’s disease, and irritable bowel syndrome as well as a range...


3rd September 2020

Quadram researcher wins €1.5m EU grant to investigate the role of elusive microbes in the human gut

Quadram Institute scientist Dr Falk Hildebrand has won a €1.5 million grant from the European Research Council (ERC) to research the role elusive microbes may play in the gut microbiome and human health. The funding comes from the ERC’s prestigious Starting Grants, designed to...


27th August 2020

Mass testing pilot paves way for weekly COVID checks

– Norwich pilot project offers local template for asymptomatic testing as Norfolk braces for second wave – Weekly COVID testing has moved a step closer in Norwich thanks to the success of a pilot project on Norwich Research Park, with the region readying itself...


25th August 2020

Probiotics for premature babies provide microbiome boost

Probiotics can improve the microbiome in premature babies, according to the results of a major new study from the Quadram Institute


7th August 2020

Pseudomonas aeruginosa in biofilms undergo natural transformation, exacerbating the spread of antimicrobial resistance genes

Professor Cynthia Whitchurch’s team from the Quadram Institute and the ithree institute at the University of Technology Sydney, showed that P. aeruginosa has all of the necessary proteins for natural transformation and can actively acquire and incorporate DNA from the environment whilst in biofilms....


Showing 10 of 452 news