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13th April 2015

New evidence for how green tea and apples protect health

Scientists from the Institute of Food Research have found evidence for a mechanism by which certain food compounds could help protect our health. Dietary studies have shown that people who eat the largest amounts of fruit and vegetables have a reduced risk of developing...


7th April 2015

Reading Salmonella’s genetic secrets

The World Health Organisation annually celebrates the 7th April as World Health Day, and in 2015 it is highlighting the challenges of food safety. Over 2 million people die each year through contaminated food and drink. IFR welcomes the WHO using World Health Day...


30th March 2015

Battling biofilms in the fight against Campylobacter

A new study has highlighted a potential new way of battling the persistence of Campylobacter in the food chain. One of the unsolved mysteries about Campylobacter is that it is easy to kill in the laboratory, but surprisingly difficult to remove from the food...


27th March 2015

New project to develop biofuels from paper waste

The Biorefinery Centre at the Institute of Food Research is to launch a new project, to investigate the feasibility of turning waste paper into biofuels. The project is one of 24 announced by the Industrial Biotechnology Catalyst. Funded by Innovate UK, the Biotechnology and...


26th March 2015

Yeasts identified that could turn agricultural waste to biofuels

Scientists from the Norwich Research Park have found strains of yeast that look particularly useful for turning agricultural by-products, such as straw, sawdust and corncobs, into bioethanol. It is estimated that more than 400 billion litres of bioethanol could be produced each year from...


20th March 2015

IFR science presented in Parliament

Sebastian Achterfeldt was selected from hundreds of applicants to present his work at the Houses of Parliament. Sebastian was selected to take part in the SET for Britain event, an annual poster competition held in the House of Commons to encourage, support and promote...


18th March 2015

IFR at the Big Bang Fair

What’s in our food? That’s the question the Institute of Food Research asked at The Big Bang Fair, the UK’s biggest celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths for young people, which was held at the NEC, Birmingham. Among the tens of thousands of...


12th March 2015

Heroes of Food Research celebrated

IFR recently celebrated its Heroes of Food Research –the volunteer participants in its dietary studies. Without this help from members of the public, we couldn’t carry out our research that is getting the very best evidence of the links between the food we eat and...


3rd March 2015

Step change for screening could boost biofuels

Researchers at the Institute of Food Research have developed a new way of rapidly screening yeasts that could help produce more sustainable biofuels. The new technique could also be a boon in the search for new ways of deriving valuable renewable chemicals from plant-based...


2nd March 2015

E. coli’s intimate relationships with your colon

Pathogenic E. coli, of the sort responsible for the outbreak in Germany in 2011, form an intimate relationship with the lining of our colon. New research led by Dr Stephanie Schüller is providing new insights into this relationship, which will help in the development...


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