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A person wearing orange gloves holds a test tube in the lab

26th May 2023

£163.9m funding boost to world-leading research institutes at Norwich Research Park

The Quadram Institute, the John Innes Centre and the Earlham Institute have received a combined £163.9m in funding from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), part of UKRI, to support the cutting-edge science they are undertaking at the Norwich Research Park. The...

Clostridium perfringens bacteria are green coloured rod-like shapes spread across a silvery-blue background. interspersed are red coloured shrivelled spherical spores

25th May 2023

Identifying the gut bacteria that threaten neonatal babies

Genome sequencing has identified what makes some strains of Clostridium perfringens life-threatening in pre-term babies

Director Ian Charles shakes hands with Ashok Soota. In the foreground the UK flag and India flag.

22nd May 2023

Quadram Institute Bioscience and SKAN Research Trust to collaborate in Gut Microbiome Research

Quadram Institute Bioscience and SKAN Research Trust to collaborate on research focused on gut health, ageing and neurological diseases

Leafy green plants growing in connected black pots under bright white, red and blue lights. The unit is on a wooden table

17th May 2023

New study recruiting volunteers to test innovations to support plant-based diets

A new study is being launched at the Quadram Institute in Norwich that will assess different ways of helping vegans and vegetarians increase their daily intake of essential nutrients. The HARVEST Study will test hydroponic kitchen gardens that biofortify leafy greens alongside a bespoke...

A microscopy image which has a black background with fluorescent green bacterial forms.

10th May 2023

All hands to the pumps – how bacteria evolve resistance to antibiotics

Bacteria can rapidly evolve resistance to antibiotics by adapting special pumps to flush them out of their cells

An aerial image of Norwich Research Park with Quadram Institute in the foreground

5th April 2023

Campaign to put science in Norwich on the map shortlisted for prestigious award

Communications teams at institutes across the Norwich Research Park have been shortlisted for a prestigious national public relations award. The Norwich Research Park Public Affairs Group has been shortlisted in the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Excellence Awards 2023 in the category of best...


30th March 2023

Biofortification Hub open for membership and funding applications

A new innovation hub focused on research into biofortification is now open to membership applications

Bifidobacterium breve, a key memeber of the maternal microbiome

28th March 2023

Probiotics and breast milk support health of premature infants

Researchers have shown that probiotic supplements not only save the lives of premature babies, they also ensure they develop a healthy microbiome. The development of the healthy microbiome, which helps fight infections and ensure proper development of the digestive system, depends on also feeding...

An illustration of microbes inside a person

28th March 2023

Human body a breeding ground for antimicrobial resistance genes

The community of microbes living in and on our bodies may be acting as a reservoir for antibiotic resistance, according to new research from the Earlham Institute and Quadram Institute in Norwich. The use of antibiotics leads to ‘collateral damage’ to the microbiome, ramping...

Close up of computing infrastructure.

20th March 2023

CLIMB-BIG-DATA services launched for the new era of microbial bioinformatics

The unparalleled new service is designed around microbiologists’ needs. It provides a cutting-edge scalable and dynamic bioinformatics platform to support academic research groups, government agencies and health services facing the challenges of big data in modern microbiology. To introduce their revolutionary research environment, CLIMB-BIG-DATA...


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