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26th November 2013

Researchers have a nose for how probiotics could affect hay fever

A study has shown that a daily probiotic drink changed how cells lining the nasal passages of hay fever sufferers reacted to a single out-of-season challenge. However, it did not lead to significant changes in hay fever symptoms, although this challenge test may not...


23rd November 2013

Caution needed in feeding food waste to pigs

The IFR generally supports efforts to reduce or reuse food waste, as a way of reducing the overall environmental impact of the food chain. However, this needs to be done in a responsible manner. It is essential that any food waste used to feed...


19th November 2013

IFR in Northern Ireland

IFR’s International Office team recently took up an invitation to visit the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) at its headquarters in Belfast. As well as briefing AFBI colleagues on IFR’s science mission and capabilities, Professor Tim Brocklehurst and Ken I’Anson held stimulating conversations with...


18th November 2013

Poultry probiotic’s coat clues to ability to battle bugs

IFR researchers have characterised the coat of a potential poultry probiotic, giving the first clues of how it may be used to exclude pathogenic bacteria from chickens. Lactobacillus johnsonii has previously been shown to exclude Clostridium perfringens from the guts of poultry, opening the...


15th November 2013

Should the UK consume horse meat to help improve horse welfare?

In response to Princess Anne’s comments that the UK should consider consuming horse meat, as a means to improving horse welfare, the Institute of Food Research has this comment: “With a robust system of provenance and traceability (which covers administration of medications), from a...


13th November 2013

Hub of commercial research and development reaches construction milestone

Norwich Research park press release A state-of-the art research and development hub moved one step closer to completion today as local councillors, funders and contractors gathered to complete the main structure of the new Centrum building on Norwich Research Park. Richard Bacon MP marked...


12th November 2013

Movember comes to the IFR & the Mo-rwich Research Park

The Institute of Food Research is once again supporting Movember with a twenty strong team of Mo Bros sprouting facial hair, with support from Mo Sistas, to help raise funds and awareness of men’s health issues. Many of the IFR Mo Team are actively...


7th November 2013

New chromosome map points the way through Campylobacter’s genetic controls

A study from the Institute of Food Research has produced a new map of the Campylobacter genome, showing the points where all of this pathogenic bacteria’s genes are turned on. This information is already being used to find new genes and control mechanisms that...


31st October 2013

Getting the scoop on pumpkins

Did you know that much of what we know about the nutrient content of pumpkins was derived from pumpkins bought from Norwich supermarkets, greengrocers and market stalls in 1985? This was part of a project funded by the Agricultural and Food Research Council to analyse...


25th October 2013

How bacteria with a sweet tooth may keep us healthy

Some gut bacterial strains are specifically adapted to use sugars in our gut lining to aid colonisation, potentially giving them a major influence over our gut health. We live in a symbiotic relationship with trillions of bacteria in our gut. They help us digest...


Showing 10 of 95 news