Campylobacter in the food chain

Dr Nicol Janecko

Research Leader

Campylobacter in the food chain


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Campylobacter is the amongst the top bacterial pathogens contributing to the overall burden of gastroenteric illness worldwide. Our main interest is to expand the understanding of Campylobacter in the food chain by utilizing One Health principles to study this pathogen in different ecological niches.

By expanding the knowledge base of Campylobacter in the food chain, we can inform food safety policies and work towards improving the reduction of this pathogen in the food chain.

The ability to detect and characterise Campylobacter communities is vital to targeting interventions.  We utilise culture- based and culture-independent genomic and metagenomic approaches to detect and define the population structures along the food chain, including Campylobacter’s presence in the gut microbiome.  Microbiology, short and long read sequencing, genomic epidemiology, metagenomics and bioinformatic tools are all integral parts of our research approach.

Our Targets

Targeting antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial Resistance

Targeting food safety

Food Safety

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Food Spoilage

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