Night at the museum for IFR scientists

11th October 2011

Olivia Csernus and Dr Marina Munoz Cuevas

Olivia Csernus and Dr Marina Munoz Cuevas

Combase, the predictive microbiology database co-ordinated by IFR, was recently showcased to a public audience at the Natural History Museum in London, at an event designed to let people get hands-on with cutting edge science and meet the people behind it.

‘Science Uncovered’ at the Natural History Museum was part of European Researcher’s Night, which saw similar events in 300 cities across Europe all showcasing the excitement of science and its value to our everyday lives.

Marina Munoz-Cuevas and Olivia Csernus, who work in Dr Jozsef Baranyi’s research group at IFR, demonstrated the Combase system to hundreds of museum visitors on the night. The Combase database contains collections of data relating to how various food-borne microorganisms survive and grow in different food materials. The database is therefore incredibly valuable to food processing and packaging companies, who can consult it to ensure that their production lines and practices are safe.

“The Researchers Night was really interesting. We were very busy during this night at the Museum, answering a lot of questions about ComBase database,” said Olivia Csernus.