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Mills RO, Dadzie I, Le-Viet T, Baker DJ, Addy HPK, Akwetey SA, Donkoh IE, Quansah E, Semanshia PS, Morgan J, Mensah A, Adade NE, Ampah EO, Owusu E, Mwintige P, Amoako EO, Spadar A, Holt KE, Foster-Nyarko . (2024)

Genomic diversity and antimicrobial resistance in clinical Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates from tertiary hospitals in Southern Ghana.

The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy

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Atter A, Diaz M, Tano-Debrah K, Parry-Hanson Kunadu A, Mayer MJ, Sayavedra L, Misita C, Amoa-Awua W, Narbad . (2024)

The predominant lactic acid bacteria and yeasts involved in the spontaneous fermentation of millet during the production of the traditional porridge Hausa koko in Ghana

BMC Microbiology

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Cook R, Telatin A, Hsieh E, Newberry F, Tariq M, Baker D, Carding S, Adriaenssens . (2024)

Nanopore and Illumina sequencing reveal different viral populations from human gut samples

Microbial Genomics

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Yasir M, Thomson N, Turner K, Webber M, Charles . (2024)

Overflow metabolism provides a selective advantage to Escherichia coli in mixed cultures

Annals of Microbiology, 74, 15

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Gooch HCC, Labedan M, Hall LJ, Maxwell . (2024)

Transplanting human infant gut microbiome species into Galleria mellonella.

BMC research notes

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Showing 10 of 4362 publications

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