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Pabois O., Antoine-Michard A., Zhao X., Omar J., Ahmed F., Alexis F., Harvey R. D., Grillo I., Gerelli Y., Grundy M. M., Bajka B., Wilde P. J., Dreiss C. A.. (2020)

Interactions of bile salts with a dietary fibre, methylcellulose, and impact on lipolysis.

Carbohydrate Polymers, 231, 115741

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Jones E. J., Booth C., Fonseca S., Parker A., Cross K., Clopes A., Hautefort I., Mayer U., Wileman T., Stentz R., Carding S.. (2020)

The uptake, trafficking and biodistribution of Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron generated outer membrane vesicles

Frontiers in Microbiology, Microbial Physiology and Metabolism

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Barylski J., Kropinski A. M., Alikhan N., Adriaenssens E. M.. (2020)

ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profile: Herelleviridae

Journal of General Virology, jgv001392

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Maistrenko O. M., Mende D. R., Luetge M., Hildebrand F., Schmidt T. S. B., Li S. S., Rodrigues J. F. M., von Mering C., Pedro Coelho L., Huerta-Cepas J., Sunagawa S., Bork P.. (2020)

Disentangling the impact of environmental and phylogenetic constraints on prokaryotic within-species diversity.

The ISME journal

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Mulet-Cabero A. I., Mackie A. R., Brodkorb A., Wilde P.. (2020)

Dairy structures and physiological responses: a matter of gastric digestion.

Critical reviews in food science and nutrition, 1-16

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Glendinning L., Stewart R. D., Pallen M. J., Watson K. A., Watson M.. (2020)

Assembly of hundreds of novel bacterial genomes from the chicken caecum.

Genome biology, 21, 34

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Mulet-Cabero A. I., Egger L., Portmann R., Ménard O., Marze S., Minekus M., Le Feunteun S., Sarkar A., Grundy M. M., Carrière F., Golding M., Dupont D., Recio I., Brodkorb A., Mackie A.. (2020)

A standardised semi-dynamic in vitro digestion method suitable for food – an international consensus.

Food & function

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Key F. M., Posth C., Esquivel-Gomez L. R., Hübler R., Spyrou M. A., Neumann G. U., Furtwängler A., Sabin S., Burri M., Wissgott A., Lankapalli A. K., Vågene A. J., Meyer M., Nagel S., Tukhbatova R., Khokhlov A., Chizhevsky A., Hansen S., Belinsky A. B., Kalmykov A., Kantorovich A. R., Maslov V. E., Vai S., Zavattaro M., Riga A., Skeates R., Beckett J., Gradoli M. G., Steuri N., Hafner A., Ramstein M., Siebke I., Erdal Y. S., Alikhan N., Zhou Z., Achtman M., Bos K., Reinhold S., Haak W., Kühnert D., Herbig A., Krause J.. (2020)

Emergence of human-adapted Salmonella enterica is linked to the Neolithization process

Nature Ecology and Evolutiion

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Webber M., Yasir M., Turner K., Bastkowski S., Baker D., Page A., Telatin A., Savva G., Charles I.. (2020)

TraDIS-Xpress: a high-resolution whole-genome assay identifies novel mechanisms of triclosan action and resistance.

Genome Research, 30, 239-249

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