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Snoek H. M., Eijssen L. M. T., Geurts M., Vors C., Brown K. A., Bogaardt M. J., Dhonukshe-Rutten R. A. M., Evelo C. T., Fezeu L. K., Finglas P. M., Laville M., Ocké M., Perozzi G., Poppe K., Slimani N., Tetens I., Timotijevic L., Zimmermann K., van t Veer P.. (2018)

Advancing food, nutrition, and health research in Europe by connecting andbuilding research infrastructures in a DISH-RI: Results of the EuroDISHproject

Trends in Food Science & Technology, Volume 73, March 2018, Pages 58-66

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Sequeira S., Kavanaugh D., MacKenzie D. A., Suligoj T., Walpole S., Leclaire C., Gunning A. P., Latousakis D., Willats W. G. T., Angulo J., Dong C., Juge N.. (2018)

Structural basis for the role of serine-rich repeat proteins fromLactobacillus reuteriin gut microbe-host interactions.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

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Neuert S., Nair S., Day M. R., Doumith M., Ashton P. M., Mellor K. C., Jenkins C., Hopkins K. L., Woodford N., de Pinna E., Godbole G., Dallman T. J.. (2018)

Prediction of Phenotypic Antimicrobial Resistance Profiles from Whole Genome Sequences of Non-typhoidal Salmonella enterica

Frontiers in Microbiology, 9, 592

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Korouiæ Seljak B., Koroec P., Eftimov T., Ocke M., van der Laan J., Roe M., Berry R., Crispim S. P., Turrini A., Krems C., Slimani N., Finglas P.. (2018)

Identification of requirements for computer-supported matching of food consumption data with food composition data

Nutrients, 10, 4

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Garcia Gutierrez E., Mayer M. J., Cotter P. D., Narbad A.. (2018)

Gut microbiota as a source of novel antimicrobials

Gut microbes

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Miller C. N., Harper A. L., Trick M., Wellner N., Werner P., Waldron K., Bancroft I.. (2018)

Dissecting the complex regulation of lodging resistance in Brassica napus

Molecular Breeding, 38, 30

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Poor M., Boda G., Kunsagi-Mate S., Needs P. W., Kroon P. A., Lemli B.. (2018)

Fluorescence spectroscopic evaluation of the interactions of quercetin, isorhamnetin, and quercetin-3'-sulphate with different albumins

Journal of Luminescence, 194, 156-163

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Mandalari G., Parker M. L., Grundy M. L., Grassby T., Smeriglio A., Bisignano C., Raciti R., Trombetta D., Baer D. J., Wilde P. J.. (2018)

Understanding the effect of particle size and processing on almond lipid bioaccessibility through microstructural analysis: from mastication to faecal collection

Nutrients, 10, 213

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Milesevic J., Samaniego L., Kiely M., Glibetic M., Roe M., Finglas P.. (2018)

Specialized food composition dataset for vitamin D content in foods based on European standards: application to dietary intake assessment

Food Chemistry, 240, Pages 544-549

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Showing 10 of 3449 publications

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