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Bezuidt O. K. I., Lebre P. H., Pierneef R., León-Sobrino C., Adriaenssens E. M., Cowan D. A., Van de Peer Y., Makhalanyane T. P.. (2020)

Phages actively challenge niche communities in Antarctic soils

mSystems, 5, e00234-20

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Farkas K., Walker D. I., Adriaenssens E., McDonald J. E., Hillary L. S., Malham S. K., Jones D. L.. (2020)

Viral indicators for tracking domestic wastewater contamination in the aquatic environment

Water Research

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Aldus C. F., Arthur A., Dennington-Price A., Millac P., Richmond P., Dening T., Fox C., Matthews F. E., Robinson L., Stephan B. C. M., Brayne C., Savva G.. (2020)

Undiagnosed Dementia in Primary Care: A Record Linkage Study

NIHR Journals Library

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Bahram M., Netherway T., Hildebrand F., Pritsch K., Drenkhan R., Loit K., Anslan S., Bork P., Tedersoo L.. (2020)

Plant nutrient-acquisition strategies drive topsoil microbiome structure and function.

New Phytologist

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Hughes K. R., Schofield Z., Dalby M. J., Caim S., Chalklen L., Bernuzzi F., Alcon C., Le Gall G., Watson A. J. M., Hall L. J.. (2020)

The early life microbiota protects neonatal mice from pathological small intestinal epithelial cell shedding.

FASEB Journal

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Garcia Gutierrez E., Walsh C. J., Sayavedra L., Diaz-Calvo T., Thapa D., Ruas-Madiedo P., Mayer M. J., Cotter P. D., Narbad A.. (2020)

Genotypic and phenotypic characterization of fecal Staphylococcus epidermidis isolates suggests plasticity to adapt to different human body sites

Frontiers in Microbiology

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Wu H., Rebello O., Crost E., Owen D., Walpole S., Bennati-Granier C., Ndeh D., Monaco S., Hicks T., Colvile A., Urbanowicz P. A., Walsh M., Angulo J., Spencer D. I. R., Juge N.. (2020)

Fucosidases from the human gut symbiont Ruminococcus gnavus.

Cellular & Molecular Life Sciences

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Showing 10 of 3787 publications

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