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Pabois O,Ziolek RM,Lorenz CD,Prévost S,Mahmoudi N,Skoda MWA,Welbourn RJL,Valero M,Harvey RD,Grundy MM,Wilde PJ,Grillo I,Gerelli Y,Dreiss CA. (2021)

Morphology of bile salts micelles and mixed micelles with lipolysis products, from scattering techniques and atomistic simulations.

Journal of colloid and interface science, 587, 522-537

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Teng N,Price C,Mckee A,Hall L,Robinson STEPHEN. (2021)

Exploring the impact of gut microbiota and diet on breast cancer risk and progression

International journal of cancer

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Colosimo RC,Warren FJW,Edwards CHE,Ryden PR,Dyer PSD,Finnigan TJAF,Wilde PJW. (2021)

Comparison of the behavior of fungal and plant cell wall during gastrointestinal digestion and resulting health effects: A review

Trends in Food Science & Technology, 110, 132-141

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Blaurock J,Kaiser B,Stelzl T,Weech M,Fallaize R,Zenun Franco R,Hwang F,Lovegrove J,Finglas P,Gedrich K. (2021)

Dietary Quality in Vegetarian and Omnivorous Female Students in Germany: A Retrospective Study

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

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Wang Y,Sharma P,Jefferson M,Zhang W,Bone B,Kipar A,Bitto D,Coombes JL,Pearson T,Man A,Zhekova A,Bao Y,Tripp RA,Carding SR,Yamauchi Y,Mayer U,Powell PP,Stewart JP,Wileman T. (2021)

Non-canonical autophagy functions of ATG16L1 in epithelial cells limit lethal infection by influenza A virus.

The EMBO journal

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Baker DJ,Aydin A,Le Viet T,Kay GL,Rudder S,de Oliveira Martins L,Tedim AP,Kolyva A,Diaz M,Alikhan NF,Meadows L,Bell A,Gutierrez AV,Trotter AJ,Thomson NM,Gilroy R,Griffith L,Adriaenssens EM,Stanley R,Charles IG,Elumogo N,Wain J,Prakash R,Meader E,Mather AE,Webber M,Dervisevic S,Page AJ,O J. (2021)

CoronaHiT: high-throughput sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 genomes.

Genome medicine

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Showing 10 of 3909 publications

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