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James SA, Parker A, Purse C, Telatin A, Baker D, Evans R, Holmes S, Funnell SGP, Carding S. (2023)

Draft Genome Sequence of a Primate Isolate of Kazachstania pintolopesii


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Khan MM, Ali A, Kolenda R, Olowe OA, Weinreich J, Ganwu L, Schierack . (2023)

The role of AJB35136 and fdtA genes in biofilm formation by avian pathogenic Escherichia coli

BMC Veterinary Research

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Coletto E, Savva GM, Latousakis D, Pontifex M, Crost EH, Vaux L, Telatin A, Bergstrom K, Vauzour D, Juge . (2023)

Role of mucin glycosylation in the gut microbiota-brain axis of core 3 O-glycan deficient mice.

Scientific reports

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Serghiou IR, Baker D, Evans R, Dalby MJ, Kiu R, Trampari E, Phillips S, Watt R, Atkinson T, Murphy B, Hall LJ, Webber M. (2023)

An efficient method for high molecular weight bacterial DNA extraction suitable for shotgun metagenomics from skin swabs.

Microbial genomics

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Teng NMY, Kiu R, Evans R, Baker DJ, Zenner C, Robinson SD, Hall L. (2023)

Allocoprobacillus halotolerans gen. nov., sp. nov and Coprobacter tertius sp. nov., isolated from human gut microbiota.

International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology

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Adriaenssens EM, Roux S, Brister JR, Karsch-Mizrachi I, Kuhn JH, Varsani A, Yigang T, Reyes A, Lood C, Lefkowitz EJ, Sullivan MB, Edwards RE, Simmonds P, Rubino L, Sabanadzovic S, Krupovic M, Dutilh B. (2023)

Guidelines for public database submission of uncultivated virus genome sequences for taxonomic classification

Nature Biotechnology, 41, 898-902

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Elek C, Brown T, Le Viet T, Evans R, Baker D, Telatin A, Tiwari S, Al-Khanaq H, Thilliez G, Kingsley R, Hall L, Webber M, Adriaenssens . (2023)

A hybrid and poly-polish workflow for the complete and accurate assembly of phage genomes: a case study of ten przondoviruses

Microbial Genomics, 9

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Showing 10 of 4326 publications

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