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uligoj T,Vigsnæs LK,Abbeele PVD,Apostolou A,Karalis K,Savva GM,McConnell B,Juge N. (2020)

Effects of Human Milk Oligosaccharides on the Adult Gut Microbiota and Barrier Function

Nutrients, 12(9):E2808.

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Achtman M,Zhou Z,Alikhan N,Tyne W,Parkhill J,Cormican M,Chiou CS,Torpdahl M,Litrup E,Prendergast DM,Moore JE,Strain S,Kornschober C,Meinersmann R,Uesbeck A,Weill FX,Coffey A,Andrews-Polymenis H,Curtis R,Fanning S. (2020)

Genomic diversity of Salmonella enterica -The UoWUCC 10K genomes project [version 1; peer review: awaiting peer review]

Wellcome Open Res

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Wittmann J,Turner D,Millard A,Mahadevan P,Kropinski A,Adriaenssens E. (2020)

From orphan phage to a proposed new familythe diversity of N4-like viruses

Antibiotics, 9, 663

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Thuy Duong,Chung The,Do Hoang,Thanh Tuyen,Campbell JI,Van Minh,Le Phuc,Thi Hong,Minh Ngoc,Lan Vi,Mather A,Baker S. (2020)

Genomic serotyping, clinical manifestations, and antimicrobial resistance of non-typhoidal Salmonella gastroenteritis in hospitalized children in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Journal of clinical microbiology

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Tung WC,Rizzo B,Dabbagh Y,Saraswat S,Romanczyk M,Codorniu-Hernández E,Rebollido-Rios R,Needs PW,Kroon PA,Rakotomanomana N,Dangles O,Weikel K,Vinson J. (2020)

Polyphenols bind to low density lipoprotein at biologically relevant concentrations that are protective for heart disease.

Archives of biochemistry and biophysics

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Garde S,Calzada J,Sanchez C,Gaya P,Narbad A,Meijers R,Mayer MJ,Avila M. (2020)

Effect of Lactococcus lactis expressing phage endolysin on the late blowing defect of cheese caused by Clostridium tyrobutyricum

International Journal of Food Microbiology

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Showing 10 of 3885 publications

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