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Brunt J., Carter A. T., Stringer S., Peck M. W.. (2018)

Identification of a novel botulinum neurotoxin gene cluster in Enterococcus

Febs Letters

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Erickson A. K., Jesudhasan P. R., Mayer M. J., Narbad A., Winter S. E., Pfeiffer J. K.. (2018)

Bacteria facilitate viral co-infection of mammalian cells and promote genetic recombination

Cell Host and Microbe, 23, 77-88

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Dertli E., Colquhoun I. J., Cote G. L., Le Gall G., Narbad A.. (2017)

Structural analysis of the alpha-D-glucan produced by the sourdough isolate Lactobacillus brevis E25

Food Chemistry, 52, 45-52

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Ondari E. M., Heath J. N., Klemm E. J., Langridge G., Barquist L., Goulding D. A., Clare S., Dougan G., Kingsley R. A., MacLennan C. A.. (2017)

Role of sapA and yfgA in Susceptibility to Antibody-Mediated Complement-Dependent Killing and Virulence of Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium.

Infection and immunity, 85, 2017 Aug 18;85(9)

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Rowe S. F., Le Gall G., Ainsworth E. V., Davies J. A., Lockwood C. W. J., Shi L., Elliston A., Roberts I. N., Waldron K. W., Richardson D. J., Clarke T. A., Jeuken L. J. C., Reisner E., Butt J. N.. (2017)

Light-Driven H2 Evolution and C=TC or C=TO Bond Hydrogenation by Shewanella oneidensis: A Versatile Strategy for Photocatalysis by Nonphotosynthetic Microorganisms

ACS Catalysis, 7, 7558-7566

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Kiu R., Caim S., Alcon C., Belteki G., Clarke P., Pickard D., Dougan G., Hall L.. (2017)

Preterm Infant-Associated Clostridium tertium, Clostridium cadaveris, and Clostridium paraputrificum Strains: Genomic and Evolutionary Insights

Genome Biology and Evolution, 9, 2707-2714

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Kellingray L., Tapp H. S., Saha S., Doleman J. F., Narbad A., Mithen R. F.. (2017)

Consumption of a diet rich in Brassica vegetables is associated with a reduced abundance of sulphate-reducing bacteria: a randomised crossover study

Molecular Nutrition & Food Research

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