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John M. S., Nagoth J. A., Ramasamy K. P., Ballarini P., Mozzicafreddo M., Mancini A., Telatin A., Lio P., Giuli G., Natalello A., Miceli C., Pucciarelli S.. (2020)

Horizontal gene transfer and silver nanoparticles production in a new Marinomonas strain isolated from the Antarctic psychrophilic ciliate Euplotes focardii

Scientific Report, 10

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Castellanos LR,Van der Graaf-van Bloois L,Donado-Godoy P,Veldman K,Duarte F,Acuña MT,Jarquín C,Weill FX,Mevius DJ,Wagenaar JA,Hordijk J,Zomer AL. (2020)

Antimicrobial Resistance in Salmonella enterica Serovar Paratyphi B Variant Java in Poultry from Europe and Latin America.

Emerging infectious diseases

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Bezuidt O. K. I., Lebre P. H., Pierneef R., León-Sobrino C., Adriaenssens E. M., Cowan D. A., Van de Peer Y., Makhalanyane T. P.. (2020)

Phages actively challenge niche communities in Antarctic soils

mSystems, 5, e00234-20

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Farkas K., Walker D. I., Adriaenssens E., McDonald J. E., Hillary L. S., Malham S. K., Jones D. L.. (2020)

Viral indicators for tracking domestic wastewater contamination in the aquatic environment

Water Research

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Aldus C. F., Arthur A., Dennington-Price A., Millac P., Richmond P., Dening T., Fox C., Matthews F. E., Robinson L., Stephan B. C. M., Brayne C., Savva G.. (2020)

Undiagnosed Dementia in Primary Care: A Record Linkage Study

NIHR Journals Library

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Chen Y., Brook T. C., Soe C. Z., O'Neill I., Alcon C., Leelastwattanagul O., Phillips S., Caim S., Clarke P., Hall L. J., Hoyles L.. (2020)

Preterm infants harbour diverse Klebsiella populations, including atypical species that encode and produce an array of antimicrobial resistance- and virulence-associated factors.

Microbial genomics

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Showing 10 of 3805 publications

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