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Coletto E.. (2019)

Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Surgeons Dexterity

frontiers in Neurology, 10:595

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Tassinari E., Duffy G., Bawn M., Burgess C. M., McCabe E. M., Lawlor P. G., Gardiner G., Kingsley R. A.. (2019)

Microevolution of antimicrobial resistance and biofilm formation of Salmonella Typhimurium during persistence on pig farms.

Scientific reports, 9, 8832

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Carvalho A. L. C., Fonseca S. F., Miquel-Clopes A. M. P., Cross K. C., Kok K. S. K., Wegman U. W., Gil-Cardoso K. G. C., Bentley E. G. B., Al Katy S. A. K., Combes J. L. C., Kipar A. K., Stentz R. S., Stewart J. P. S., Carding S. C.. (2019)

Bioengineering commensal bacteria-derived outer membrane vesicles for delivery of biologics to the gastrointestinal and respiratory tract

Journal of Extracellular Vesicles, 8, 1-19

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Bo' C. D., Bernardi S., Marino M., Porrini M., Tucci M., Guglielmetti S., Cherubini A., Carrieri B., Kirkup B., Kroon P., Zamora-Ros R., Liberona N. H., Andres-Lacueva C., Riso P.. (2019)

Systematic Review on Polyphenol Intake and Health Outcomes: Is there Sufficient Evidence to Define a Health-Promoting Polyphenol-Rich Dietary Pattern?

Nutrients, 11, 1355

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Jang H. B., Bolduc B., Zablocki O., Kuhn J. H., Roux S., Adriaenssens E. M., Brister J. R., Kropinski A. M., Krupovic M., Lavigne R., Turner D., Sullivan M. B.. (2019)

Taxonomic assignment of uncultivated prokaryotic virus genomes is enabled by gene-sharing networks

Nature Biotechnology

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Wilkinson D. A., Midwinter A. C., Kwan E., Bloomfield S., French N. P., Biggs P. J.. (2019)

Draft Whole-Genome Sequences of Three Isolates of a Novel Strain of a Campylobacter sp. Isolated from New Zealand Birds and Water.

Microbiology resource announcements, 8, e00258-19

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McDowell D., Defernez M., Kemsley E. K., Elliott C., Koidis A.. (2019)


LWT - Food Science and Technology

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Korf I. H. E., Meier-Kolthoff J. P., Adriaenssens E. M., Kropinski A. M., Nimtz M., Rohde M., van Raaij M., Wittmann J.. (2019)

Still Something to Discover: Novel Insights into Escherichia coli Phage Diversity and Taxonomy

Viruses MDPI, 11, 454

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