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Mulet Cabero A,Wilde PJ. (2021)

Role of calcium on lipid digestion and serum lipids: a review.

Critical reviews in food science and nutrition

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Quince C,Nurk S,Raguideau S,James R,Soyer OS,Summers JK,Limasset A,Eren AM,Chikhi R,Darling AE. (2021)

STRONG: metagenomics strain resolution on assembly graphs.

Genome biology

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Waschulin V,Borsetto C,James R,Newsham KK,Donadio S,Corre C,Wellington E. (2021)

Biosynthetic potential of uncultured Antarctic soil bacteria revealed through long-read metagenomic sequencing.

The ISME journal

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Sweet M,Villela H,Keller-Costa T,Costa R,Romano S,Bourne DG,Cárdenas A,Huggett MJ,Kerwin AH,Kuek F,Medina M,Meyer JL,Müller M,Pollock FJ,Rappé MS,Sere M,Sharp KH,Voolstra CR,Zaccardi N,Ziegler M,Peixoto R. (2021)

Insights into the Cultured Bacterial Fraction of Corals.


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Showing 10 of 4007 publications

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