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Peron G., Hidalgo-Liberona N., González-Domínguez R., Garcia-Aloy M., Guglielmetti S., Bernardi S., Kirkup B. E. N., Kroon P. A., Cherubini A., Riso P., Andrés-Lacueva C.. (2019)

Exploring the Molecular Pathways Behind the Effects of Nutrients and Dietary Polyphenols on Gut Microbiota and Intestinal Permeability: A Perspective on the Potential of Metabolomics and Future Clinical Applications.

Journal of agricultural and food chemistry

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Benedikz E. K., Bailey D., Cook C. N. L., Gonçalves-Carneiro D., Buckner M. M. C., Blair J. M. A., Wells T. J., Fletcher N. F., Goodall M., Flores-Langarica A., Kingsley R., Madsen J., Teeling J., Johnston S. L., MacLennan C. A., Balfe P., Henderson I. R., Piddock L. J. V., Cunningham A. F., McKeating J. A.. (2019)

Bacterial flagellin promotes viral entry via an NF-kB and Toll Like Receptor 5 dependent pathway.

Scientific reports, 9, 7903

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Branchu P., Charity O. J., Bawn M., Thilliez G., Dallman T. J., Petrovska L., Kingsley R.. (2019)

SGI-4 in Monophasic Salmonella Typhimurium ST34 Is a Novel ICE That Enhances Resistance to Copper.

Frontiers in microbiology, 10, 1118

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Mohos V., Pánovics A., Fliszár-Nyúl E., Schilli G., Hetényi C., Mladenka P., Needs P. W., Kroon P. A., Petho G., Poór M.. (2019)

Inhibitory Effects of Quercetin and Its Human and Microbial Metabolites on Xanthine Oxidase Enzyme.

International journal of molecular sciences, 20, 2681-2696

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Barylski J., Enault F., Dutilh B. E., Schuller M. B. P., Edwards R. A., Gillis A., Klumpp J., Knezevic P., Krupovic M., Kuhn J. H., Lavigne R., Oksanen H. M., Sullivan M. B., Jang H. B., Simmonds P., Aiewsakun P., Wittmann J., Tolstoy I., Brister J. R., Kropinski A. M., Adriaenssens E. M.. (2019)

Analysis of Spounaviruses as a Case Study for the Overdue Reclassification of Tailed Phages

Systematic Biology

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Wilde P., Garcia-Llatas G., Lagarda M. J., Haslam R. P., Grundy M. M. L.. (2019)

Oat and lipolysis: Food matrix effect.

Food Chemistry, 278, 683-691

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Carvalho A. L., Miquel-Clopes A., Wegmann U., Jones E., Stentz R., Telatin A., Walker N. J., Butcher W. A., Brown P. J., Holmes S., Dennis M. J., Williamson E. D., Funnell S. G. P., Stocks M., Carding S. R.. (2019)

Use of Bioengineered Human Commensal Gut Bacteria-Derived Microvesicles for Mucosal Plague Vaccine Delivery and Immunization

Clinical and Experimental Immunology

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Westenbrink S., Kadvan A., Roe M., Korouic Seljak B., Mantur-Vierendeel A., Finglas P. M.. (2019)

12th IFDC 2017 Special Issue – Evaluation of harmonized EuroFIR documentation for macronutrient values in 26 European food composition databases

Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, Volume 80, July 2019, Pages 40-50

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Tran T. T. T., Corsini S., Kellingray L., Hegarty C., Le Gall G., Narbad A., Müller M., Tejera N., O'Toole P. W., Minihane A. M., Vauzour D.. (2019)

APOE genotype influences the gut microbiome structure and function in humans and mice: relevance for Alzheimer's disease pathophysiology.

FASEB Journal, fj201900071R

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Antonides L., Brignall R., Costello A., Ellison J., Firth S., Gilbert N., Groom B., Hudson S., Hulme M., Marron J., Pullen Z., Robertson T., Schofield C., Williamson D., Kemsley E. K., Sutcliffe O., Mewis R.. (2019)

Rapid Identification of Novel Psychoactive and other Controlled Substances using low-field 1H NMR Spectroscopy

ACS Omega, 4 (4), 7103 - 7112

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