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Murray A. K., Lee J., Bendall R., Zhang L., Sunde M., Schau Slettemeås J., Gaze W., Page A. J., Vos M.. (2018)

Staphylococcus cornubiensis sp. nov., a member of the Staphylococcus intermedius Group (SIG).

International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology

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Blokker B. A., Maijo M., Echeandia M., Galduroz M., Patterson A. M., Ten A., Philo M., Schungel R., Gutierrez-de Juan V., Halilbasic E., Fuchs C., Le Gall G., Milkiewicz M., Milkiewicz P., Banales J. M., Rushbrook S. M., Mato J. M., Trauner M., Müller M., Martínez-Chantar M. L., Varela-Rey M., Beraza N.. (2018)

Fine-tuning of SIRT1 expression is essential to protect the liver from cholestatic liver disease.

Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.)

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Mithen R., Ho E.. (2018)

Isothiocyanates for Human Health.

Molecular nutrition & food research, 62, e1870079

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Le Gall G., Guttula K., Kellingray L., Tett A. J., ten Hoopen R., Kemsley K. E., Savva G. M., Ibrahim A., Narbad A.. (2018)

Metabolite quantification of faecal extracts from colorectal cancer patients and healthy controls


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Eftimov T., Korou¡si´c Seljak B., Koro¡sec P., Finglas P.. (2018)

Quisper Ontology Learning from Personalized Dietary Web Services

IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics

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Muraro D., Parker A., Vaux L., Filippi S., Almet A. A., Fletcher A. G., Watson A. J. M., Pin C., Maini P. K., Byrne H. M.. (2018)

Chronic TNFα-driven injury delays cell migration to villi in the intestinal epithelium

Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 15, Issue 145

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Garnett J., Wellner N., Mayes A., Downey G., Kemsley K.. (2018)

Using induced chlorophyll production to monitor the physiological state of stored potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.).

Postharvest Biology and Technology, 145, 222 - 229

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Bogaardt M. J., Geelen A., Zimmermann K., Finglas P., Raats M. M., Mikkelsen B. E., Poppe K., van't Veer P.. (2018)

Designing a research infrastructure on dietary intake and its determinants

Nutrition Bulletin

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Stentz R., Carvalho A., Jones E., Carding S. R.. (2018)

Fantastic voyage: the journey of intestinal microbiota-derived microvesicles through the body

Biochemical Society Transactions

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