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Nair S., Fookes M., Corton C., Thomson N. R., Wain J., Langridge G. C.. (2020)

Genetic markers in S. Paratyphi C reveal primary adaptation to pigs

Microorganisms, 8(5), 657

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Benwell C. B., Alghamdi A. A., Atkinson S. A., Lambert J. L., Johnson R. J., Robinson S. R.. (2020)

NRP2 as an emerging angiogenic player: promoting endothelial cell adhesion and migration by regulating recycling of alpha-5 integrin

Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology

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Lambert J., Makin K., Akbareian S., Johnson R., Alghamdi A., Robinson S. D., Edwards D. R.. (2020)

ADAMTS-1 and syndecan-4 intersect in the regulation of cell migration and angiogenesis

Journal of Cell Science

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Pabois O., Antoine-Michard A., Zhao X., Omar J., Ahmed F., Alexis F., Harvey R. D., Grillo I., Gerelli Y., Grundy M. M., Bajka B., Wilde P. J., Dreiss C. A.. (2020)

Interactions of bile salts with a dietary fibre, methylcellulose, and impact on lipolysis.

Carbohydrate Polymers, 231, 115741

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Birolo G., Telatin A.. (2020)

covtobed: a simple and fast tool to extract coverage tracks from BAM files

Journal of Open Source Software

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Adriaenssens E. M., Sullivan M. B., Knezevic P., van Zyl L. J., Sarkar B. L., Dutilh B. E., Alfenas-Zerbini P., Lobocka M., Tong Y., Brister J. R., Moreno Switt A. I., Klumpp J., Aziz R. K., Barylski J., Uchiyama J., Edwards R. A., Kropinski A. M., Petty N. K., Clokie M. R. J., Kushkina A. I., Morozova V. V., Duffy S., Gillis A., Rumnieks J., Kurtboke I., Chanisvili N., Goodridge L., Wittmann J., Lavigne R., Jang H. B., Prangishvili D., Enault F., Turner D., Poranen M., Oksanen H., Krupovic M.. (2020)

Taxonomy of prokaryotic viruses: 2018-2019 update from the ICTV Bacterial and Archaeal Viruses Subcommittee

Archives of Virology

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Garcia-Gutierrez E., O'Connor P., Colquhoun I. J., Vior N. M., Rodriguez J. M., Mayer M. J., Cotter P. D., Narbad A.. (2020)

Production of multiple bacteriocins, including the novel bacteriocin gassericin M, by Lactobacillus gasseri LM19, a strain isolated from human milk

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

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Gunning Y., Jackson A., Colmer J., Taous F., Philo M., Brignall R., El Ghali T., Defernez M., Kemsley K.. (2020)

High-throughput screening of argan oil composition and authenticity using benchtop 1H NMR

Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry

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Finglas P., Hooson J., Hutchinson J., Warthon-Medina M., Hancock N., Greathead K., Knowles B., Vargas-Gracia E., Gibson L. E., Bush L. A., Margetts B., Robinson S., Ness A., Alwan N. A., Wark P. A., Roe M., Steer T., Page P., Johnson L., Roberts K., Amoutzopoulos B., Burley V. J., Greenwood D. C., Cade J. E.. (2020)

Taylor & Francis online Article: A systematic review of reviews identifying UK validated dietary assessment tools for inclusion on an interactive guided website for researchers:

Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition

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