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Day P., Alves N., Daniell E., Dasgupta D., Ogborne R., Steeper A., Raza M., Ellis C., Fawcett J., Keynes R., Muir E.. (2020)

Targeting chondroitinase ABC to axons enhances the ability of chondroitinase to promote neurite outgrowth and sprouting.

PLoS ONE, 15, e0221851

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Senghore M., Diarra B., Gehre F., Otu J., Worwui A., Muhammad A. K., Kwambana-Adams B., Kay G. L., Sanogo M., Baya B., Orsega S., Doumbia S., Diallo S., de Jong B. C., Pallen M., Antonio M.. (2020)

Evolution of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex lineages and their role in an emerging threat of multidrug resistant tuberculosis in Bamako, Mali.

Scientific reports, 10, 327

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Trampari E., Webber M., Savva G., Martins L., Ravi A., Wickham G., Holden E.. (2020)

Exposure of Salmonella biofilms to sub-lethal concentrations of antibiotics rapidly selects for resistance but with collateral tradeoffs

npj biofilms and microbes

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Greenhough B., Read C. J., Lorimer J., Lezaun J., McLeod C., Benezra A., Bloomfield S., Brown T., DAcquisto F., Clinch M., Dumitriu A., Evans J., Fawcett N., Fortané N., Hall L. J., Herrera C. E. G., Hodgetts T., Johnson K. V. A., Kirchhelle C., Krzywoszynska A., Lambert H., Monaghan T., Nading A., Nerlich B., Singer A., Szymanski E., Wills J. ... (2020)

Setting the agenda for social science research on the human microbiome

Palgrave Communications , 6, 18

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Dropmann A., Dooley S., Dewidar B., Dediulia T., Werle J., Hartwig V., Hammad S., Ghafoory S., Wolfl S., Korhonen H., Janico M., Wosikowski K., Itzel T., Teufel A., Schuppan D., Stojanovic A., Cerwenka A., Nittka S., Piiper A., Gaiser T., Beraza N., Milkiewicz M., Mikliewicz P., Brain J. G., Jones D. E. J., Weiss T. S., Zanger U. M., Ebert M. P., Meindl-Beinker N. M.. (2020)

TGF-ß2 silencing to target biliary-derived liver diseases.


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Lazdins A,Maurya AP,Miller CE,Kamruzzaman M,Liu S,Stephens ER,Lloyd GS,Haratianfar M,Chamberlain M,Haines AS,Kreft JU,Webber M,Iredell J,Thomas CM. (2020)

Potentiation of curing by a broad-host-range self-transmissible vector for displacing resistance plasmids to tackle AMR.

PloS one

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Ford L., Ingle D., Glass K., Veitch M., Williamson D. A., Harlock M., Gregory J., Stafford R., French N., Bloomfield S., Grange Z., Conway M. L., Kirk M. D.. (2019)

Whole-Genome Sequencing of Salmonella Mississippi and Typhimurium Definitive Type 160, Australia and New Zealand.

Emerging infectious diseases, 25, 1690-1697

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Karlinsey J. E., Stepien T. A., Mayho M., Singletary L. A., Bingham-Ramos L. K., Brehm M. A., Greiner D. L., Shultz L. D., Gallagher L. A., Bawn M., Kingsley R. A., Libby S. J., Fang F. C.. (2019)

Genome-wide Analysis of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi in Humanized Mice Reveals Key Virulence Features.

Cell host & microbe, 26, 426-434.e6

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