Our research programme covers these main areas, where we are looking to answer major fundamental questions:

  • Food Innovation and Health – How can we enhance the quality of food to promote lifelong health?
  • Gut Microbes and Health – What is a healthy gut, and how is health modulated by our resident gut microbes?
  • Microbes in the Food Chain – How can we reduce microbial pathogens in the food chain, and prevent the emergence of antimicrobial resistance?
  • Population Health – How do we translate our research on food, gut microbes and human biology to enhance the health of the population and reduce societal health cost burden, both in the UK and internationally?
Research area: Food innovation

Food Innovation and Health

Research area: microbes and health

Gut Microbes & Health

Targeting microbes in the food chain

Microbes in the Food Chain

Research area: Food microbes and public health

Population Health