Alastair McKee

Postgraduate Student

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Microbiota and vascular health

As part of my PhD research project I am investigating how manipulations of the gut microbiome, through anti- and probiotic supplementation, influence breast cancer metastasis. I am especially interested in how these manipulations influence the immune response to cancer in both the primary tumour and known metastatic sites and how these responses ultimately affect the spread of the disease.

Teng N,Price C,Mckee A,Hall L,Robinson STEPHEN. (2021)

Exploring the impact of gut microbiota and diet on breast cancer risk and progression

International journal of cancer

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Mckee A, Kirkup B, Madgwick M, Fowler W, Price C, Dreger S, Ansorge R, Makin K, Caim S, Le Gall G, Pavely J, Leclaire C, Dalby M, Alcon-Giner C, Andrusaite A, Feng TY, Di Modica M, Triulzi T, Tagliabue E, Milling S, Weilbaecher K, Rutkowski M, Korcsmaros T, Hall L, Robinson S. (2021)

Antibiotic-induced disturbances of the gut microbiota result in accelerated breast tumour growth


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McKee A., Hall L. J., Robinson S.. (2019)

The microbiota, antibiotics and breast cancer

Breast Cancer Management

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