Antia Acuna Gonzalez

Project Scientist

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Early life microbiota-host interactions

I studied BSc Microbiology and MSc Food Biotechnology.

After my masters I worked in industry and performed several internships in different research centers, including Teagasc (Dublin), IDIS (Santiago de Compostela) and Glasgow University.

Within the years I became more and more interested about how bacteria interact with our body to produce disease and started working as a Biomedical Scientist in NNUH, where I could learn a lot about clinical microbiology and worked through COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, my main interest it is to grow as a researcher, starting with my Project Scientist position in Quadram, where I will be cooperating with different projects, mainly focus in finding antibiotic resistances in preterm microbiota.

My main research interests are antibiotic resistances, microbiome and obesity.


Kiu R, Shaw AG, Sim K, Acuna-Gonzalez A, Price CA, Bedwell H, Dreger SA, Fowler WJ, Cornwell E, Pickard D, Belteki G, Malsom J, Phillips S, Young GR, Schofield Z, Alcon-Giner C, Berrington JE, Stewart CJ, Dougan G, Clarke P, Douce G, Robinson SD, Kroll JS, Hall L. (2023)

Particular genomic and virulence traits associated with preterm infant-derived toxigenic Clostridium perfringens strains.

Nature microbiology

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Acuna-Gonzalez A, Kujawska M, Mayada Y, Atkinson T, Grundy S, Hutchison A, Tremlett C, Clarke P, Hall . (2023)

Bifidobacterium bacteraemia is rare with routine probiotics use in preterm infants: A further case report with literature review


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