Dr Antonietta Hayhoe

Deputy ISP Leader and Human Study Lead

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I am Deputy ISP Leader for the Food Microbiome and Health (FMH) institute strategic programme and Human Study Lead for Quadram Institute Bioscience (QIB). I am responsible for the Institute’s research involving human subjects and human tissue. One of my key roles is to advise on, and oversee, compliance with the International Conference on Harmonisation-Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP); the UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research, the Medicines for Human Use (Clinical Trials) Regulations 2004, and the Human Tissue Act 2004.

I am Chair of the Institute’s Human Research Governance Committee and QIB representative at the Joint Research Governance Committee of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals and University of East Anglia. I also sit on the Anglia Ruskin University Research Ethics Committee as an external member with professional expertise.

I have a proven track record of successful human study set up in academic and clinical settings in UK and LMICs (Low- and Middle-Income Countries). I have an active role in designing and delivering training on Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and ethical/legal issues in research involving human subjects or human tissue. I am also highly engaged in activities with research participants, patients, and the wider public to promote transparency and awareness of human research.

Seton KA, Carding SR, Defernez M, Telatin A, Tiwari SK, Savva GM, Hayhoe A, Noble A, Carvalho A, James S, Bansal A, Wileman . (2023)

Investigating antibody reactivity to the intestinal microbiome in severe myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS): A feasibility study.

International journal of molecular sciences, 24, 15316

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Mithen R., Coode-Bate J., Sivapalan T., Melchini A., Saha S., Needs P., Dainty J., Maicha J. B., Beasy G., Traka M., Mills R., Ball R.. (2019)

Accumulation of Dietary S-Methyl Cysteine Sulfoxide in Human Prostate Tissue.

Molecular nutrition & food research, e1900461

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Traka M., Melchini A., Coode-Bate J., Al-Kadhi O., Shikha S., Defernez M., Troncoso Rey P., Kibblewhite H., O'Neill C., Bernuzzi F., Mythen L., Hughes J., Needs P., Dainty J., Savva G., Mills R., Ball R., Cooper C., Mithen R.. (2019)

Transcriptional changes in prostate of men on active surveillance following a 12-month glucoraphanin-rich broccoli intervention – results from the ESCAPE randomized controlled trial


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Taviano M. F., Filocamo A., Ragusa S., Cacciola F., Dugo P., Mondello L., Paterniti Mastrazzo G., De Rose R. F., Celano M., Lombardo E., Melchini A., Miceli N.. (2017)

Phenolic profile, antioxidant and cytotoxic properties of polar extracts from leaves and flowers of Isatis tinctoria L. (Brassicaceae) growing in Sicily

Plant Biosystems - An International Journal Dealing with all Aspects of Plant Biology , n/a, n/a

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Al Kadhi O., Traka M., Melchini A., Troncoso-Rey P., Jurkowski W., Defernez M., Pachori P., Mills R. D., Ball R. Y., Mithen R.. (2017)

Increased transcriptional and metabolic capacity for lipid metabolism in the peripheral zone of the prostate may underpin its increased susceptibility to cancer.

Oncotarget, 8, 84902-84916

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