Dr Anuradha Ravi


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Bacterial Genomics and Metagenomics

I am interested in studying the microbial communities residing in the gastrointestinal tract of humans and animals. My current interests are on understanding the development of the gut microbiota, interactions between the communities and mobile genetic elements (MGE).

I completed my PhD in 2017 at the Norwegian University of Life sciences. My PhD topic was on the characterisation of the infant gut microbiota mobilome. During my PhD years, We characterised MGEs that carry antibiotic resistance genes in the gut microbiota of children from Norway, Spain, USA and India longitudinal cohorts. We used a combination of microbiota taxonomy, plasmid reconstruction and biostatistics to attain deeper understanding on the prevalence and persistence of MGEs in complex microbial communities.

My current research interests are on using high throughput sequencing technologies to study the changes in the gut microbiota of humans especially critically-ill patients and in animals. We will also work on neolithic DNA samples.

Key Publications

Ravi A., Estensmo, EF., L’Abee-Lund MT., Foley LS., Allgaier B., Martin RC., Claud CE., Rudi K. (2017). Association of the gut microbiota mobilome with hospital location and birthweight in preterm infants. Pediatric Research, Nature Publishing Group. Accepted 4 June 2017.

Ravi A*., Avershina E*., Foley, S.L., Ludvigsen J., Storrø O., Øien T., Johnson R., Mccartney A.L., L’Abee-Lund M.T., Rudi K. (2015). The commensal infant gut meta-mobilome as a potential reservoir for persistent multidrug resistance integrons. Scientific Reports, Nature Publishing Group, 5, 15317.

Ravi A., Avershina E., Ludvigsen J., L’Abee-Lund M.T., Rudi K. (2014). Integrons in the intestinal microbiota as reservoirs for transmission of antibiotic resistance genes. Pathogens 3(2), 238-248.

Avershina E., Ravi A., Storrø O., Øien T., Johnsen R., Rudi K. (2015)Potential Association of vacuum cleaning frequency with an altered gut microbiota in pregnant women and their 2-year-old children. Microbiome 3:65:1-7.

Trampari E,Holden ER,Wickham GJ,Ravi A,de Oliveira Martins L,Savva GM,Webber MA. (2021)

Exposure of Salmonella biofilms to antibiotic concentrations rapidly selects resistance with collateral tradeoffs.

NPJ biofilms and microbiomes

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Trampari E., Webber M., Savva G., Martins L., Ravi A., Wickham G., Holden E.. (2020)

Exposure of Salmonella biofilms to sub-lethal concentrations of antibiotics rapidly selects for resistance but with collateral tradeoffs

npj biofilms and microbes

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Foster-Nyarko E,Alikhan NF,Ravi A,Thilliez G,Thomson N,Baker D,Kay G,Antonio M,O J,Pallen MJ. (2020)

Genomic diversity of Escherichia coli isolates from non-human primates in the Gambia

Microbial Genomics, 6

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Ravi A., Halstead F. D., Bamford A., Casey A., Thomson N. M., van Schaik W., Snelson C., Goulden R., Foster-Nyarko E., Savva G. M., Whitehouse T., Pallen M., Oppenheim B. A.. (2019)

Loss of microbial diversity and pathogen domination of the gut microbiota in critically ill patients.

Microbial genomics, Volume 5, Issue 9, 10.1099/mgen.0.000293

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Halstead F. D., Ravi A., Thomson N., Nuur M., Hughes K., Brailey M., Oppenheim B. A.. (2018)

Whole genome sequencing of toxigenic Clostridium difficile in asymptomatic carriers: insights into possible role in transmission.

The Journal of hospital infection

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