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I am responsible in managing the Germ-Free Unit of the Institute with several years of experience working as a Gnotobiology Specialist.

I have completed my degree as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in the Philippines and Masteral degree in RWTH, Aachen University in Germany.

Key Publications

Yalda Khosravi, Ralph M Bunte, Kher Hsin Chiow, Tuan Lin Tan, Whye Yen Wong, Qian Hui Poh, Ignatius Mario Doli Sentosa, Shih Wee Seow, Arlaine Anne Amoyo, Sven Pettersson, Mun Fai Loke, and Jamuna Vadivelu. (2016) Quantum changes in Helicobacter pylori gene expression accompany host-adaptation.

Eng-Guan Chua;  Michael J. Wise;  Yalda Khosravi;  Shih-Wee Seow;  Arlaine A. Amoyo;  Sven Pettersson;  Fanny Peters;  Chin-Yen Tay;  Timothy T. Perkins;  Mun-Fai Loke;   Barry J. Marshall;  Jamuna Vadivelu. (2016) Helicobacter pylori and gut microbiota modulate energy homeostasis prior to inducing histopathological changes in mice.

Coletto E, Latousakis D, Pontifex MG, Crost EH, Vaux L, Perez Santamarina E, Goldson A, Brion A, Hajihosseini MK, Vauzour D, Savva GM, Juge . (2022)

The role of the mucin-glycan foraging Ruminococcus gnavus in the communication between the gut and the brain

Gut Microbes

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Isaacs A., Echeandia M., Moreno-Gonzalez M., Brion A., Goldson A., Philo M., Patterson A. M., Parker A., Galduroz M., Baker D., Rushbrook S. M., Hildebrand F., Beraza N.. (2020)

Intestinal microbiome-macrophage crosstalk contributes to cholestatic liver disease by promoting intestinal permeability.

Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.)

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Aktar R., Parkar N., Stentz R., Baumard L., Parker A., Goldson A., Brion A., Carding S. R., Blackshaw A., Peiris M.. (2020)

Human resident gut microbe Bacteroides thetaiotamicron normalises colonic innervation and function

Gut Microbes

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Modasia A,Parker A,Jones E,Stentz R,Brion A,Goldson A,Defernez M,Wileman T,Blackshaw LA,Carding S. (2020)

Regulation of enteroendocrine cell networks by the major human gut symbiont Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron

Frontiers in Microbiology, Unknown

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Thion M. S., Low D., Silvin A., Chen J., Grisel P., Schulte-Schrepping J., Blecher R., Ulas T., Squarzoni P., Hoeffel G., Coulpier F., Siopi E., David F. S., Scholz C., Shihui F., Lum J., Brion A., Larbi A., Poidinger M., Buttgereit A., Lledo P. M., Greter M., Chan J. K. Y., Amit I., Beyer M., Schultze J. L., Schlitzer A., Pettersson S., Ginhoux F., Garel S.. (2017)

Microbiome Influences Prenatal and Adult Microglia in a Sex-Specific Manner.


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Chua E. G., Wise M. J., Khosravi Y., Seow S. W., Brion A., Pettersson S., Peters F., Tay C. Y., Perkins T. T., Loke M. F., Marshall B. J., Vadivelu J.. (2017)

Quantum changes in Helicobacter pylori gene expression accompany host-adaptation.

DNA research : an international journal for rapid publication of reports on genes and genomes, 24, 37-49

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