Aryana Zardkoohi-Burgos

Postgraduate Student

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Glycobiology of host-microbe interactions in the gut

I am a Wellcome Trust PhD student at the Juge Group, and my project involves interdisciplinary work in collaboration with Prof Claire Domoney Group at the John Innes Centre. The aim of my project is to understand the role of pulses on health, in particular pea metabolites, with interest on understanding gut health through approaches including the use of in vitro physiological models and changes in gut microbiome composition.

In 2016 I completed my degree in Microbiology and Clinical Chemistry at the University of Costa Rica, and in 2019 I completed an MSc in Molecular Biology of Parasites and Disease Vectors, at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

Before joining the Juge Group, I worked in Costa Rica as a Clinical Microbiologist at a hospital, and in the national reference laboratory of the Ministry of Health, working on the specialised diagnosis, surveillance, and control of various infectious diseases.

Clark I, Cassidy A, Heppleston A, Bal M, Morgan Y, Nicklin A, Yue Y, Zardkoohi-Burgos A, Martin . (2022)

EDESIA: Plants, Food and Health: A cross-disciplinary PhD programme from crop to clinic

Nutrition Bulletin

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Rhodes CG, Loaiza JR, Romero LM, Gutierrez Alvarado, Delgado G, Rojas Salas, Ramirez Rojas, Aguilar-Avendano C, Maynes E, Valerin Cordero, Soto Mora, Rigg CA, Zardkoohi-Burgos A, Prado M, Friberg MD, Bergmann LR, Marin Rodriguez, Hammer GL, Chaves L. (2022)

Anopheles albimanus (Diptera: Culicidae) Ensemble Distribution Modeling: Applications for Malaria Elimination


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