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Health benefits of dietary polyphenols

I am a BBSRC funded NRPDTP CASE PhD student in the Kroon Group as part of the Food, Microbiome and Health Research Programme. My project focuses on the modulation of gut microbiota with probiotics and bioactive compounds to reduce production of gut metabolite trimethylamine (TMA) supported by industrial partner ADM Protexin.

In 2018 I graduated from Physiology, Sport Science and Nutrition, gaining a First Class Honours Degree at the University of Glasgow, researching the health effects of plant polyphenols and dietary fibre.

Following this, I undertook a Nutritional Physiology Research Technician position at the University of Exeter, investigating the impact of protein and polyphenol ingestion on muscle metabolism.

During my PhD project, I became more interested in policy and took park in the UKRI Policy Internship Scheme in 2022, working in the Food Hypersensitivity Team at the Food Standards Agency.

I am interested in the impact of food systems, sustainability and food insecurity on our diets and human health. I want to contribute to the translation of evidence into policy that makes a difference and can change lives.

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