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Health benefits of dietary polyphenols


My primary research interests are how the gut microbiota shapes immunological processes and my PhD research focused on the impact of the gut microbiota on primary tumour growth in breast cancer.

As a new postdoctoral researcher working in the Kroon group, my research will now focus on how a polyphenol enriched diet may improve intestinal permeability in the elderly.

The main focus of my work will be investigating how the consumption of polyphenols alters the gut microbiota and what subsequent impact this may have on gut biology. During this project I’m excited to expand my knowledge of gut physiological processes and build a better practical skills base in microbiological research.

Del Bo,Bernardi S,Cherubini A,Porrini M,Gargari G,Hidalgo-Liberona N,González-Domínguez R,Zamora-Ros R,Peron G,Marino M,Gigliotti L,Winterbone MS,Kirkup B,Kroon PA,Andres-Lacueva C,Guglielmetti S,Riso P. (2021)

A polyphenol-rich dietary pattern improves intestinal permeability, evaluated as serum zonulin levels, in older subjects: The MaPLE randomised controlled trial.

Clinical nutrition (Edinburgh, Scotland), 40, 3006-3018

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Guglielmetti S., Bernardi S., Del Bo' C., Cherubini A., Porrini M., Gargari G., Hidalgo-Liberona N., Gonzalez-Dominguez R., Peron G., Zamora-Ros R., Winterbone M. S., Kirkup B., Kroon P. A., Andres-Lacueva C., Riso P.. (2020)

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BMC geriatrics, 20, 77

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Martini D,Bernardi S,Del Bo',Hidalgo Liberona,Zamora-Ros R,Tucci M,Cherubini A,Porrini M,Gargari G,González-Domínguez R,Peron G,Kirkup B,Kroon PA,Andres-Lacueva C,Guglielmetti S,Riso P. (2020)

Estimated Intakes of Nutrients and Polyphenols in Participants Completing the MaPLE Randomised Controlled Trial and Its Relevance for the Future Development of Dietary Guidelines for the Older Subjects.


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Bo' C. D., Bernardi S., Marino M., Porrini M., Tucci M., Guglielmetti S., Cherubini A., Carrieri B., Kirkup B., Kroon P., Zamora-Ros R., Liberona N. H., Andres-Lacueva C., Riso P.. (2019)

Systematic Review on Polyphenol Intake and Health Outcomes: Is there Sufficient Evidence to Define a Health-Promoting Polyphenol-Rich Dietary Pattern?

Nutrients, 11, 1355

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