Dr Brittany Hazard

Research Leader

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My research aims to improve the health impact of wheat starches using multidisciplinary approaches across crop, food and health sciences.  My primary expertise is crop genetics and trait development.  Previously I worked on developing durum wheat with increased levels of resistant starch (an important dietary fibre) at the University of California, Davis.

Key Publications

Schönhofen, A., Hazard, X. Zhang and J, Dubcovsky. Registration of common wheat germplasm with mutations in SBEII genes conferring increased grain amylose and resistant starch content. Journal of Plant Registrations 10:200-205 (2016).

Hazard, B., X. Zhang, M. Naemeh, M. K. Hamilton, B. Rust, H. E. Raybould, J. W. Newman, R. Martin, and J. Dubcovsky. Mutations in durum wheat SBEII genes affect grain yield components, quality, and fermentation responses in rats. Crop Science 55:1–13 (2015).

Hazard, B., X. Zhang, M. Naemeh, and J. Dubcovsky. Registration of durum wheat germplasm lines with combined mutations in SBEIIa and SBEIIb genes conferring increased amylose and resistant starch. Journal of Plant Registrations 8:334–338 (2014).

Hazard, B., X. Zhang, P. Colasuonno, C. Uauy, D.M. Beckles, and J. Dubcovsky. Induced mutations in the starch branching enzyme II (SBEII) genes increase amylose and resistant starch content in durum wheat. Crop Science 52:1754–1766 (2012).