Dave Baker

Head of Sequencing

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Informatics and bioinformatics support

I am responsible for all core sequencing in Quadram Institute Bioscience. I have been on the Norwich Research Park for over 25 years, working at the Sainsbury Laboratory, John Innes Centre and Earlham Institute, running and maintaining core genomics services.

James SA, Parker A, Purse C, Baker D, Telatin A, Funnell S, Carding . (2022)

A Fungal Foray in an NHP Gut Microbiome

Access Microbiology, 4, 7

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Patel SA, Hirosue S, Rodrigues P, Vojtasova E, Richardson EK, Ge J, Syafruddin SE, Speed A, Papachristou EK, Baker D, Clarke D, Purvis S, Wesolowski L, Dyas A, Castillon L, Caraffini V, Bihary D, Yong C, Harrison DJ, Stewart GD, Machiela MJ, Purdue MP, Chanock SJ, Warren AY, Samarajiwa SA, Carroll JS, Vanharanta . (2022)

The renal lineage factor PAX8 controls oncogenic signalling in kidney cancer.


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Parker A, Romano S, Ansorge R, Aboelnoer A, Le Gall G, Savva G, Telatin A, Jones E, Baker D, Rudder S, Blackshaw LA, Jeffery G, Carding S. (2022)

Heterochronic fecal microbiota transfer reverses hallmarks of the aging gut, brain, and eye.


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Fauzy N, Taylor A, Elmi A, Lehri B, Ijaz U, Baker D, Goram R, Lynham S, Singh D, Stabler R, Kelly D, Gundogdu O, Wren . (2022)

MdaB and NfrA, Two Novel Reductases Important in the Survival and Persistence of the Major Enteropathogen Campylobacter jejuni


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Crossfield M, Gilroy R, Ravi A, Baker D, La Ragione, Pallen M. (2022)

Archaeal and Bacterial Metagenome-Assembled Genome Sequences Derived from Pig Feces.

Microbiology resource announcements

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Gilroy R, Leng J, Ravi A, Adriaenssens EM, Oren A, Baker D, La Ragione, Proudman C, Pallen M. (2022)

Metagenomic investigation of the equine faecal microbiome reveals extensive taxonomic diversity.


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Baker DJ,Aydin A,Le Viet T,Kay GL,Rudder S,de Oliveira Martins L,Tedim AP,Kolyva A,Diaz M,Alikhan NF,Meadows L,Bell A,Gutierrez AV,Trotter AJ,Thomson NM,Gilroy R,Griffith L,Adriaenssens EM,Stanley R,Charles IG,Elumogo N,Wain J,Prakash R,Meader E,Mather AE,Webber M,Dervisevic S,Page AJ,O J. (2021)

CoronaHiT: high-throughput sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 genomes.

Genome medicine

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