Dimitra Lamprinaki

Postgraduate Student

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Glycobiology of host-microbe interactions in the gut

My current project is focusing in microbe glycan interaction with proteins expressed in innate immune cells. I will sort and identify microbiota positive to selected proteins, and furthermore I will investigate the immune response, for further understanding immunity and how is regulated by microbiota in a healthy and disease state.

Before that, as a research assistant, I was working with commensal yeast and the effect of the autophagy in the cell activation. My interest in gut glyco-immunology started from my master’s internship at the Quadram Institute Bioscience, where I studied the transportation of a polysaccharide through intestinal epithelial cells.

Garcia-Vello P,Di Lorenzo F,Lamprinaki D,Notaro A,Speciale I,Molinaro A,Juge N,De Castro C. (2020)

Structure of the O-antigen and the lipid A from the lipopolysaccharide of Fusobacterium nucleatum ATCC 51191


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Lamprinaki D., Beasy G., Zhekova A., Wittmann A., James S., Dicks J., Iwakura Y., Saijo S., Wang X., Chow C. W., Roberts I., Korcsmaros T., Mayer U., Wileman T., Kawasaki N.. (2017)

LC3-Associated Phagocytosis Is Required for Dendritic Cell Inflammatory Cytokine Response to Gut Commensal Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Frontiers in immunology, 8, 1397

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Wittmann A., Lamprinaki D., Bowles K. M., Katzenellenbogen E., Knirel Y. A., Whitfield C., Nishimura T., Matsumoto N., Yamamoto K., Iwakura Y., Saijo S., Kawasaki N.. (2016)

Dectin-2 Recognizes Mannosylated O-antigens of Human Opportunistic Pathogens and Augments Lipopolysaccharide Activation of Myeloid Cells.

Journal of Biological Chemistry, 291, 17629-38

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