Dr Eleftheria Trampari


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Investigating the evolution of antimicrobial resistance

Investigating adaptation of microbial communities in the food chain

I am deeply passionate about the complex world of microbial communities and microbial interactions within the community as well as their environment.

As a senior research scientist at the Quadram Institute, I am currently working with Mark Webber to explore the evolution and adaptation of foodborne pathogen communities within the food chain.

My research focuses on understanding how pathogens survive and thrive in diverse ecosystems. Specialising in molecular microbiology, with an interest on dissecting microbial community functions, my research centres on the identification and characterisation of novel mechanisms driving the adaptation of microbial communities to stressors and changing environments. I have pioneered the development of experimental biofilm and plant models designed to mimic real-world conditions and food processing environments.

In parallel, I am working on an independent line of research on the survival and establishment of foodborne pathogens on fresh produce. I explore the potential of harnessing naturally occurring non-pathogenic bacteria in the environment as a means to mitigate and control foodborne pathogen outbreaks linked to fresh produce

Key Publications

Holden, E. R.; Al-Khanaq, H.; Vimont, N. M.; Webber, M. A.; Trampari, E*. Investigating How Salmonella Colonise Alfalfa Using a Whole Genome Screen. BioRxiv 2023.

Abi-Assaf, J.; Holden, E. R.; Trampari, E*.; Webber, M. A. Common Food Preservatives Impose Distinct Selective Pressures on Salmonella Typhimurium Planktonic and Biofilm Populations. BioRxiv 2023.

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Trampari, E.; Prischi, F.; Vargiu, A. V.; Abi-Assaf, J.; Bavro, V. N.; Webber, M. A. Functionally Distinct Mutations within AcrB Underpin Antibiotic Resistance in Different Lifestyles. npj Antimicrob. Resist. 2023, 1, 2.

Trampari, E.; Zhang, C.; Gotts, K.; Savva, G. M.; Bavro, V. N.; Webber, M. Cefotaxime Exposure Selects Mutations within the CA-Domain of EnvZ Which Promote Antibiotic Resistance but Repress Biofilm Formation in Salmonella. Microbiol. Spectr. 2022, 10, e0214521.

Trampari, E.; Holden, E. R.; Wickham, G. J.; Ravi, A.; Martins, L. de O.; Savva, G. M.; Webber, M. A. Exposure of Salmonella Biofilms to Antibiotic Concentrations Rapidly Selects Resistance with Collateral Tradeoffs. npj Biofilms and Microbiomes 2021, 7, 3.

Holden, E. R.; Wickham, G. J.; Webber, M. A.; Thomson, N. M.; Trampari, E. Donor Plasmids for Phenotypically Neutral Chromosomal Gene Insertions in Enterobacteriaceae. Microbiology (Reading, Engl) 2020.



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