Emad Shehata

Postgraduate Student

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Health benefits of dietary polyphenols


Currently I am a PhD student within Dr Kroon’s research group and in my project I will prepare polyphenol-rich extracts using green solvents, and assess their ability to alter gut microbiota structure and its metabolic activity using in vitro colon models. I will also investigate the role of the gut microbiota in metabolising the polyphenols.

In 2008 I received my B.Sc. in Plant Biochemistry with honor degree, Benha University, Egypt. After graduation, I joined SEKEM Group Company in Cairo as a chemist. Then in 2012, I got hired as a research assistant at the National Research Centre (NRC) Egypt. Afterword, in 2015, I got my M.Sc. (Cum Maxima Laude) in food quality and chemistry of natural products from the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICh) Greece after receiving a 2-year grant from CIHEAM organization, France.

My research interests cover the extraction, isolation and structure elucidation of plant secondary metabolites and evaluation of their bioactivities. Concerning my hopes and activities, I adore outdoor activities like playing football. I usually read in sociology. Also, I enjoy travelling abroad to experience new cultures, and previously I have travelled to Sweden, Greece, Italy, China, Germany, Turkey and of course now, the UK.

Human value is what he added to life between his birth and death. Therefore, my goal is to strive further to add valuable contributions in the scientific field of human health and nutrition.

Key Publications

Shehata, E., Grigorakis, S., Loupassaki, S., & Makris, D. P. (2015). Extraction optimisation using water/glycerol for the efficient recovery of polyphenolic antioxidants from two Artemisia species. Separation and Purification Technology, 149, 462-469. DOI: 10.1016/j.seppur.2015.06.017

Shehata, E., Loupassaki, S., & Makris, D. P. (2016). Essential oil composition and antiradical activity of two Artemisia species endemic to the island of Crete (Southern Greece). American Journal of Essential Oils and Natural Products, 4(1): 32-35.

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