Dr Emma Holden

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Investigating the evolution of antimicrobial resistance

Listeria and other invasive pathogens

I am a postdoctoral research scientist using functional genomics tools to investigate bacterial evolution and survival. I recently completed my PhD at the Quadram Institute using TraDIS-Xpress tools developed in-house to investigate bacterial biofilm formation and antimicrobial resistance. My postdoctoral work continues to use functional genomics and experimental evolution to investigate antimicrobial resistance, and I deliver TraDIS-Xpress projects for commercial partners.

Acton L, Pye HV, Thilliez G, Kolenda R, Matthews M, Turner AK, Yasir M, Holden E, Al-Khanaq H, Webber M, Adriaenssens EM, Kingsley . (2024)

Collateral sensitivity increases the efficacy of a rationally designed bacteriophage combination to control Salmonella enterica

Journal of Virology

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Trampari E,Holden ER,Wickham GJ,Ravi A,de Oliveira Martins L,Savva GM,Webber MA. (2021)

Exposure of Salmonella biofilms to antibiotic concentrations rapidly selects resistance with collateral tradeoffs.

NPJ biofilms and microbiomes

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Trampari E., Webber M., Savva G., Martins L., Ravi A., Wickham G., Holden E.. (2020)

Exposure of Salmonella biofilms to sub-lethal concentrations of antibiotics rapidly selects for resistance but with collateral tradeoffs

npj biofilms and microbes

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Holden ER,Wickham GJ,Webber MA,Thomson NM,Trampari E. (2020)

Donor plasmids for phenotypically neutral chromosomal gene insertions in Enterobacteriaceae.

Microbiology (Reading, England)

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