Federico Bernuzzi

Postgraduate Student

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Personalised nutrition and gut microbiome


  • BSc Biochemistry, University of East Anglia.
  • MSc Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of Leeds.

I am currently working on developing novel methodologies in order to analyse RNA-seq data, obtained from the ESCAPE study (Effect of Sulforaphane on prostate cancer), using a combination of the bioinformatics software Galaxy and the R programming language.

In October 2017 I will be starting a doctorate degree funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) on Nutrigenomics title (How does diet improve metabolic health). There is an abundance of evidence from epidemiological studies showing that consumption of cruciferous vegetables in particular Broccoli is associated with reduced risk of metabolic disorders such as cancers and cardiovascular diseases. The mechanism by which this occurs is still unclear. The project will focus on studying the importance of NRF2 activation in mediating changes in liver metabolic pathways that can maintain health. Using the CRISPR genome editing I will have the opportunity to generate NRF2 knock out liver cells and asses transcriptional changes.

Huynh T, Bowater R, Bernuzzi F, Saha S, Wormstone M. (2021)

GSH Levels Serve As A Biological Redox Switch Regulating Sulforaphane Induced Cell Fate in Human Lens Cells

Investigative ophthalmology and visual science

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Isaacs-Ten A, Moreno-Gonzalez M, Bone C, Martens A, Bernuzzi F, Ludwig T, Hellmich C, Hiller K, Rushworth SA, Beraza N. (2021)

Metabolic regulation of macrophages by SIRT1 determines activation during cholestatic liver disease in mice.

Cellular and molecular gastroenterology and hepatology

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Hughes K. R., Schofield Z., Dalby M. J., Caim S., Chalklen L., Bernuzzi F., Alcon C., Le Gall G., Watson A. J. M., Hall L. J.. (2020)

The early life microbiota protects neonatal mice from pathological small intestinal epithelial cell shedding.

FASEB Journal

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Traka M., Melchini A., Coode-Bate J., Al-Kadhi O., Shikha S., Defernez M., Troncoso Rey P., Kibblewhite H., O'Neill C., Bernuzzi F., Mythen L., Hughes J., Needs P., Dainty J., Savva G., Mills R., Ball R., Cooper C., Mithen R.. (2019)

Transcriptional changes in prostate of men on active surveillance following a 12-month glucoraphanin-rich broccoli intervention – results from the ESCAPE randomized controlled trial


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