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Starch breakdown in the digestive tract

I completed my degree in Biomedicine at the University of East Anglia in 2011, I went on to gain a MSc in Infection and Immunity from the University of Leicester in 2012.

I obtained my PhD from the University of Glasgow in 2016 where I assessed the impact of dietary fibre and its structure on the production of short chain fatty acids, focusing on propionate. During this time, I used an in vitro batch model of the colon. I continued to use colonic models whilst at the University of Leeds where in addition to batch models I used three stage continuous models to investigated treatment options, and diagnostic methods of healthcare associated infections such as Clostridium difficile and Carbapenemase Producing Enterobacteriacea.

My current research focus on how the structure of different dietary sources affects digestion and fermentation within the gastrointestinal tract in healthy individuals as well as those with gastrointestinal disorders.

Colosimo R, Harris H, Ahn-Jarvis J, Rey P, Finnegan T, Wilde PJ, Warren . (2024)

Colonic in vitro fermentation of mycoprotein promotes shifts in gut microbiota, with enrichment of Bacteroides species

Communications Biology

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Harris H, Pereira N, Koev T, Khimyak YZ, Yakubov G, Warren . (2023)

The impact of psyllium gelation behaviour on in vitro colonic fermentation properties

Food hydrocolloids

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Koev T, Harris HC, Kiamehr S, Khimyak YZ, Warren . (2022)

Starch hydrogels as targeted colonic drug delivery vehicles

Carbohydrate Polymers

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Gunn D,Abbas Z,Harris HC,Major G,Hoad C,Gowland P,Marciani L,Gill SK,Warren F,Rossi M,Remes-Troche JM,Whelan K,Spiller RC. (2021)

Psyllium reduces inulin-induced colonic gas production in IBS: MRI and in vitro fermentation studies.


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Harris H, Buckley AM, Spittal W, Ewin D, Clark E, Altringham J, Bentley K, Moura IB, Wilcox MH, Woodford N, Davies K, Chilton CH. (2021)

The effect of intestinal microbiota dysbiosis on growth and detection of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacterales within an in vitro gut model.

The Journal of hospital infection

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Normington C, Moura IB, Bryant JA, Ewin DJ, Clark EV, Kettle MJ, Harris H, Spittal W, Davis G, Henn MR, Ford CB, Wilcox MH, Buckley AM. (2021)

Biofilms harbour Clostridioides difficile, serving as a reservoir for recurrent infection.

NPJ biofilms and microbiomes

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Gunn D,Murthy R,Major G,Wilkinson-Smith V,Hoad C,Marciani L,Remes-Troche J,Gill S,Rossi M,Harris H,Ahn-Jarvis J,Warren F,Whelan K,Spiller R. (2020)

Contrasting effects of viscous and particulate fibers on colonic fermentation in vitro and in vivo, and their impact on intestinal water studied by MRI in a randomized trial.

The American journal of clinical nutrition

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