Dr Ian Roberts

Research Leader

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My research is in the area of yeast phylogenetics and comparative genomics and impacts curation and exploitation of the UK National Collection of Yeast Cultures (NCYC), a globally-significant biological resource centre.

I have over 20 years’ experience of curating the NCYC and contribute scientifically to QI strategic areas such as bioactives for health, biofilms and antifungal resistance, and industrial biotechnology. Most recently, I have managed a BBSRC-funded pilot project to genome sequence yeast strains relevant to industrial biotechnology. These studies have been performed in close association with the Waldron group (Biorefinery Centre).

I have also trained around a dozen PhD students, several of whom currently hold senior positions in academia. Public engagement and industrial impact is achieved through dialogue with the NCYC user community, the Biorefinery Centre team and roles as UK Yeast Commissioner (IUMS International Commission on Yeasts), member of the Microbiology Society Eukaryotic Division committee and the Yeast 2.0 synthetic biology management board, as well as membership of several national and international culture collection organisations e.g. UK Biological Resource Collections Network, World Federation of Culture Collections.

Key Publications

James S. A., West C., Davey R. P., Dicks J., Roberts I. N. (2016) Prevalence and Dynamics of Ribosomal DNA Micro-heterogeneity Are Linked to Population History in Two Contrasting Yeast Species. Scientific Reports 6 28555

West C., James S. A., Davey R. P., Dicks J., Roberts I. N. (2014) Ribosomal DNA Sequence Heterogeneity Reflects Intraspecies Phylogenies and Predicts Genome Structure in Two Contrasting Yeast Species. Systematic Biology 63 543-554

Liti G., Carter D. M., Moses A. M., Warringer J., Parts L., James S. A., Davey R. P., Roberts I. N. et al (2009) Population genomics of domestic and wild yeasts. Nature 458 337-341

Delneri D., Colson I., Grammenoudi S., Roberts I. N., Louis E. J., Oliver S. G. (2003) Engineering evolution to study speciation in yeast. Nature 422 68-72

Fischer G., James S. A., Roberts I. N., Oliver S. G., Louis E. J. (2000) Chromosomal evolution in Saccharomyces. Nature 6785 451-454

Naseeb S., James S. A., Alsammar H., Michaels C. J., Gini B., Nueno-Palop C., Bond C. J., McGhie H., Roberts I. N., Delneri D.. (2017)

Saccharomyces jurei sp. nov., isolation and genetic identification of a novel yeast species from Quercus robur.

International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology, 67, 2046-2052

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Rowe S. F., Le Gall G., Ainsworth E. V., Davies J. A., Lockwood C. W. J., Shi L., Elliston A., Roberts I. N., Waldron K. W., Richardson D. J., Clarke T. A., Jeuken L. J. C., Reisner E., Butt J. N.. (2017)

Light-Driven H2 Evolution and C=TC or C=TO Bond Hydrogenation by Shewanella oneidensis: A Versatile Strategy for Photocatalysis by Nonphotosynthetic Microorganisms

ACS Catalysis, 7, 7558-7566

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Wu J., Elliston A., Le Gall G., Colquhoun I., Collins S. R. A., Dicks J., Roberts I. N., Waldron K. W.. (2017)

Yeast diversity in relation to the production of fuels and chemicals

Scientific Reports, 7, 14259(2017)

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Lamprinaki D., Beasy G., Zhekova A., Wittmann A., James S., Dicks J., Iwakura Y., Saijo S., Wang X., Chow C. W., Roberts I., Korcsmaros T., Mayer U., Wileman T., Kawasaki N.. (2017)

LC3-Associated Phagocytosis Is Required for Dendritic Cell Inflammatory Cytokine Response to Gut Commensal Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Frontiers in immunology, 8, 1397

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James S. A., Bond C. J., Stanley R., Ravella S. R., Peter G., Dlauchy D., Roberts I. N.. (2016)

Apiotrichum terrigenum sp. nov., a novel soil-associated yeast found in both the UK and mainland Europe.

International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 66, 5046-5050

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Senatham S., Chamduang T., Kaewchingduang Y., Thammasittirong A., Srisodsuk M., Elliston A., Roberts I. N., Waldron K., Thammasittirong S. N.. (2016)

Enhanced xylose fermentation and hydrolysate inhibitor tolerance of Scheffersomyces shehatae for efficient ethanol production from non-detoxified lignocellulosic hydrolysate

SpringerPlus, 5, 1040

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Boundy-Mills K. L., Glantschnig E., Roberts I. N., Yurkov A., Casaregola S., Daniel H. -. M., Groenewald M., Turchetti B.. (2016)

Yeast culture collections in the twenty-first century: new opportunities and challenges

Yeast, Online, n/a

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