Jade Davies

Postgraduate Student

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Translational microbiome

I am a BBSRC DTP funded PhD student studying the sulphate-reducing bacteria within the human gut, with a specific interest in the pathobiont Bilophila wadsworthia. During my PhD, I aim to elucidate how Bilophila, a ubiquitous member of the gut microbiota, interacts with the host and the wider microbiota in a diet-dependent manner.

I obtained my BSc in Biomedical Sciences from Durham University. During my degree, I completed an industrial placement year at the biotechnology company Cambridge Research Biochemicals based in Teesside.

Li T, Garcia-Gutierrez E, Yara D, Scadden J, Davies J, Hutchins C, Aydin A, O'Grady J, Narbad A, Romano S, Sayavedra L. (2021)

An optimised protocol for detection of SARS-CoV-2 in stool.

BMC microbiology

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