James Choi

Undergraduate student

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Translational microbiome

I am a third year undergraduate student studying BSc Biomedicine at the University of East Anglia, undertaking my final year research project in the Narbad group. I completed a research internship in the Summer 2021, where I worked with Dr Lizbeth Sayavedra on Sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB). My research project focuses on niche partitioning of SRBs in the gut of mice, using the SIHUMI consortium in conjunction with two SRBs as a model. These included Bilophila wadsworthia and Desulfovibrio diazotrophicus. The aim is to use fluorescent in-situ hybridisation (FISH) to investigate whether they are spatially together or separated and how that links to their niche in the gut. Research interests include medical microbiology and microbe-host interaction as well as food-borne pathogen detection.