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Optimising nutrient release from plant-based foods

Starch breakdown in the digestive tract


My training as a registered nurse and food scientist has provided a broad background and a unique expertise in conducting dietary intervention trials from a perspective of a clinician and scientist.

My research is focused on optimizing food design to create food structures which enhance exposure of food bioactive components to localized and systemic targets. Moreover, I utilize various food processing strategies to improve the bioavailability of dietary food components.

Currently, my work is designing cereal and legume based foods with improved nutritional properties. Using a range of laboratory techniques, I examine the impact of processing on starch structure on food materials as well as their impact on nutrition in the context of digestion behaviour/kinetics, and effect on microbiome and metabolomics.

Additionally, I am work in collaborative projects with Kings College London and Imperial College London which investigate the role of carbohydrate structure on nutrition.

Colosimo R, Harris H, Ahn-Jarvis J, Rey P, Finnegan T, Wilde PJ, Warren . (2024)

Colonic in vitro fermentation of mycoprotein promotes shifts in gut microbiota, with enrichment of Bacteroides species

Communications Biology

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Corrado M, Zafeiriou P, Ahn-Jarvis J, Savva G, Edwards CH, Hazard B. (2023)

Impact of storage on starch digestibility and texture of a high-amylose wheat bread

Food Hydrocolloids, 135

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Hazard B, Fahy B, Gonzalez O, Savva G, Ahn-Jarvis J, Warren F, Lovegrove A, Dunn . (2022)

Loss of Starch Synthase IIIa changes starch molecular structure and granule morphology in grains of hexaploid bread wheat

Scientific Reports, 12, 10806

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Bajka BH, Pinto AM, Perez-Moral N, Saha S, Ryden P, Ahn-Jarvi J, van der, Bland C, Berry SE, Ellis PR, Edwards C. (2022)

Enhanced secretion of satiety-promoting gut hormones in healthy humans following consumption of white bread enriched with cellular chickpea flour: A randomized cross-over study

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

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Hawkins E,Chen J,Watson-Lazowski A,Ahn-Jarvis J,Barclay E,Fahy B,Hartley M,Warren FJ,Seung D. (2021)

STARCH SYNTHASE 4 is required for normal starch granule initiation in amyloplasts of wheat endosperm

New Phytologist

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Hossain KMZ,Calabrese V,da Silv MA,Bryant SJ,Schmitt J,Ahn-Jarvis J,Warren F,Khimyak YZ,Scott JL,Edler KJ. (2021)

Monovalent Salt and pH-Induced Gelation of Oxidised Cellulose Nanofibrils and Starch Networks: Combining Rheology and Small-Angle X-ray Scattering

Polymers, 13, 951

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Gunn D,Murthy R,Major G,Wilkinson-Smith V,Hoad C,Marciani L,Remes-Troche J,Gill S,Rossi M,Harris H,Ahn-Jarvis J,Warren F,Whelan K,Spiller R. (2020)

Contrasting effects of viscous and particulate fibers on colonic fermentation in vitro and in vivo, and their impact on intestinal water studied by MRI in a randomized trial.

The American journal of clinical nutrition

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