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Optimising nutrient release from plant-based foods

Starch breakdown in the digestive tract


My training as a registered nurse and food scientist has provided a broad background and a unique expertise in conducting dietary intervention trials from a perspective of a clinician and scientist.

My research is focused on optimizing food design to create food structures which enhance exposure of food bioactive components to localized and systemic targets. Moreover, I utilize various food processing strategies to improve the bioavailability of dietary food components.

Currently, my work is designing cereal and legume based foods with improved nutritional properties. Using a range of laboratory techniques, I examine the impact of processing on starch structure on food materials as well as their impact on nutrition in the context of digestion behaviour/kinetics, and effect on microbiome and metabolomics.

Additionally, I am work in collaborative projects with Kings College London and Imperial College London which investigate the role of carbohydrate structure on nutrition.

Tuncel A., Corbin K. R., Ahn-Jarvis J., Harris S., Hawkins E., Smedley M. A., Harwood W., Warren F. J., Patron N. J., Smith A. M.. (2019)

Cas9-mediated mutagenesis of potato starch branching enzymes generates a range of tuber starch phenotypes.

Plant Biotechnology Journal

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Ahn-Jarvis J., Teegarden M. D., Schwartz S. J., Lee K., Vodovotz Y.. (2017)

Modulating conversion of isoflavone glycosides to aglycones using crude beta-glycosidase extracts from almonds and processed soy.

Food Chemistry, 237, 685-692

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