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Postgraduate Student

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The potato is one of world’s largest food crops and, in most growing regions, is only harvested once a year. A proportion of tubers must therefore be stored efficiently to ensure there are enough provisions to last until the next harvest. Sprouting during storage causes increased weight loss and reduced tuber quality, many tubers are therefore lost each year due to premature sprouting. The aim of this work has been to determine whether Near Infrared Spectroscopy can be used to monitor tuber sprouting, and further, to predict the onset of sprouting within a potato tuber. This research started during my Chemistry undergraduate at the University of East Anglia, when I requested to be placed at the Quadram Institute for my Masters dissertation.

Garnett J., Wellner N., Mayes A., Downey G., Kemsley K.. (2018)

Using induced chlorophyll production to monitor the physiological state of stored potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.).

Postharvest Biology and Technology, 145, 222 - 229

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