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Glycobiology of host-microbe interactions in the gut

I was previously based at the University of East Anglia, where I obtained a PhD from the Norwich Medical school, studying autophagy and innate immunity.

In 2015 I joined Dr Carmen Pin’s group at the Quadram Institute Bioscience where I used mouse models to study multicolour lineage tracing of intestinal stem cells under homeostatic and inflammatory conditions both in vitro and in vivo with the use of intestinal organoid cultures. The aim of this work was to use both in vivo experimental data combined with mathematical modelling, to understand what drives the proliferation and migration of the intestinal epithelium along the crypt villus axis.

Key Publications

Zhou Z, Cottam E, Whelband M, Vaux L, Wileman T. (2012). Xenophagy and the removal of intracellular pathogens – Evolving Immunity. Biochemist. April; 34 (2): 20-23.2.

Cottam EM, Maier HJ, Manifava M, Vaux LC, Chandra-Schoenfelder P, Gerner W, Britton P, Ktistakis NT, Wileman T. (2011). Coronavirus nsp6 proteins generate autophagosomes from the endoplasmic reticulum via an omegasome intermediate. Autophagy. Nov;7(11):1335-47.

Coletto E, Savva GM, Latousakis D, Pontifex M, Crost EH, Vaux L, Telatin A, Bergstrom K, Vauzour D, Juge . (2023)

Role of mucin glycosylation in the gut microbiota-brain axis of core 3 O-glycan deficient mice.

Scientific reports

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Coletto E, Latousakis D, Pontifex MG, Crost EH, Vaux L, Perez Santamarina E, Goldson A, Brion A, Hajihosseini MK, Vauzour D, Savva GM, Juge . (2022)

The role of the mucin-glycan foraging Ruminococcus gnavus in the communication between the gut and the brain

Gut Microbes

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Parker A., Vaux L., Patterson A. M., Modasia A., Muraro D., Fletcher A. G., Byrne H. M., Maini P. K., Watson A. J. M., Pin C.. (2019)

Elevated apoptosis impairs epithelial cell turnover and shortens villi in TNF-driven intestinal inflammation.

Cell death & disease, 10, 108

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Bell A., Brunt J., Crost E., Vaux L., Nepravishta R., Owen C. D., Latousakis D., Xiao A., Li W., Chen X., Walsh M. A., Claesen J., Angulo J., Thomas G. H., Juge N.. (2019)

Elucidation of a sialic acid metabolism pathway in mucus-foraging Ruminococcus gnavus unravels mechanisms of bacterial adaptation to the gut.

Nature microbiology, 4, 2393-2404

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Muraro D., Parker A., Vaux L., Filippi S., Almet A. A., Fletcher A. G., Watson A. J. M., Pin C., Maini P. K., Byrne H. M.. (2018)

Chronic TNFα-driven injury delays cell migration to villi in the intestinal epithelium

Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 15, Issue 145

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Owen C. D., Tailford L. E., Monaco S., Suligoj T., Vaux L., Khedri Z., Yu H., Lecointe K., Walshaw J., Tribolo S., Horrex M., Bell A., Chen X., Taylor G. L., Varki A., Angulo J., Juge N.. (2017)

Unravelling the specificity and mechanism of sialic acid recognition by the gut symbiont Ruminococcus gnavus.

Nature communications, 8, 2196

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Parker A., Lawson M., Vaux L., Pin C.. (2017)

Host-microbe interaction in the gastrointestinal tract.

Environmental Microbiology

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